~ Spring sessions ~

I’m back!!!

The spring is inspiring me and my creativity is inspiring me.

When:  5th and 6th April

Where:  A park in Basel (tbd)

What:  Mini sessions: 20 mins – 20 high-res digital images in a secure online gallery you can order and download from

Investment: 400CHF 300CHF – re-introduction special!

Grab yourself some beautiful images.  Sign up to a session here and shoot me an email at claire@clairepearsonphotography.com if you are new to being in front of my lens.

If you need some more encouraging, check out my last set of spring sessions or send me an email for some more information.

Session can also be for individuals, couples or pets!  Spread the news.


Here I am with my wonderful daughter:



~ Advent Photo-a-day ~

It’s December and Advent is upon us. This year has flown by.  Lots of change and lots of new adventures.  I can’t believe it is soon over. In the interests in getting friendly with my camera and creativity again, I have decided to post a picture a day for advent up here.  I made this decision and then yesterday (the first of December) I completely forgot to take any pictures!  I did however get some snaps on my phone (a very old HTC, so nothing groundbreaking). A challenge is a challenge and the best camera you own is the one that you have with you.  So here goes:


1st December: Mountain biking in the snow


A hobby I have picked up this year.  After our Basel Badgers festive brunch we joined with some other bikers and climbed up a big hill into the snow and then back down again.  We were out for a good 3 hours or so and my toes were frozen by the time I got home.  Great fun!


2nd December: Pink Christmas Tree


Yes, we have a pink Christmas tree!  Not very big, but brightens the room!  There are some self made ornaments on there too (not this one though!).


3rd December:  Tour underneath Basel with my agency


It was a really excellent night!  Really nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen for a while and make some new acquaintances.  Basel is very clean underground and coming out by the Mittlebrukke at night was pretty special too.


4th December: Irish Musicians


I took some photos of an Irish Session band tonight.  They play in The Nelson pub in town every other Wednesday evening.  You should definitely check it out, it was an awesome evening – a good craic!


5th December: Lava Lamp


Maia came home with hand written instructions on how to make a lava lamp.  It was a successful experiment.

3/4 oil

1/4 water

Food colouring (we used green, but red would probably be better)



6th December: Gratiiman Breakfast

 For St. Nicholas Day we had a nice sociable breakfast at work.  Yummy! These are actually taken with my mates iphone.  I’m pretty impressed with the camera – almost enough to want one myself! 


7th December: Angel Market


The Ängelimärt in Allschwil.  Once a year, if the little kids dress up as Angels they get gifts from the stalls.


It’s also a bit of a tradition here to have Harley riding Santas.  This is the first time I have seen them, so I can’t resist adding this in too!


8th December:  Roast dinner with family

The dinner was yummy and the company was warming.  This is Maia at the train station waiting for a train on the way home:



9th December: Meeting a new little lady


Very good friends of mine finally welcomed a very special little girl into the world.  I’ve been anticipating this arrival with excitement for some time.  Newborn snuggles are the best!  Well done guys, she’s beautiful.  Love you all! x

10th December:  More baby



This time with me in it!  I couldn’t stay away, so went back for another visit after work.  You can see the remnants of my purple hair from dressing up as an Evil Minion for the work end of year party!


11th December: Dinner


Forgot to take anything else, so this is my dinner being cooked.


12th December: Frost on the rooftops



From my kitchen window.


13th December: Tourists enjoying some sights



And an extra one because this bokeh is just beautiful!



14th December: Contrasts


Pretty wall display.


 15th December: Waiting for a tram


Ahh, Europe!  (from my phone because I didn’t really take any other photos)


16th December:  Our other christmas trees


They have a 3d effect which is pretty cool!


17th December: Maia’s Christmas Show


Taken outside afterwards by lamplight.


18th December: Pi Pan!


From a kickstarter I backed.  The tin arrived today!


19th December:  Lego rocks!



Maia found the Winter market in the cellar when I was doing some washing, so we built it slowly during the month of December instead of at Christmas.  This carousel is a work of art and Maia loved building it with the help of neighbours and freinds.


20th December:  Sleepy head


No pictures until the end of the day.  My baby sleeping.


21st December:  Girls girls girls! (and one boy)


Such sweet tenderness.  A day with a few of my favourite people at a special time in their life.


22nd December:  Fake Christmas Day


Selfie of me and the girl on the little beach by the lake in Neuchatel after Ice skating.  It was a bit cold!


23rd December: Busy day ending with an overnight train


Taken outside in Mulhouse before catching my sleeper train to Montpellier.  Third trip this year to see more fabulous people for a Christmas break.  Yey!


24th December:  The chocolate loves me!


A nice little treat for me at the Christmas markets.


25th December: Christmas Day!


The girls that I got to play with on xmas day in the sun in the South of France.  Never have I had such a warm Christmas.  Thanks so much for having me, it was wonderful.


Beyond Advent, because I want to…


26th December:  Cathedral of Images



Something super special.  It was an hour and a quarter to get there, but – oh, so worth it!  Driving in countryside that beautiful passed in no time too.  I wonder if this video will work.  It was something else.  I highly recommend it if you are in the area.


27th December:  Beachside sunset



After a great beachside cycle ride.  Just what I needed after all that yummy food and drink. 


Wishing everyone a happy and fun 2014!  Maybe I’ll be there to capture some of those moments!

Claire x


~ What I have been up to the last few months ~

Hello world!

How on earth has it got to April already???

So, as there has been very little activity here on the blog and over on my facebook fanpage, I thought it was about time I made another post and updated everyone. Two things: I am still alive and I am still in Basel.

My quest for a programming job bore fruit and I am currently working at Actelion as a Drug Safety Programming Expert. It’s been an interesting few months – I started just at the end of last year on only a few days notice. I am working 50% and this is actually working out to be a really nice balance.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. I LOVE being in a big company again and getting a regular monthly paycheck.
2. I LOVE going for lunch with ‘the girls’, otherwise known as the ‘french connection’ (they are all mostly french speaking).
3. I LOVE the routine of going to the office – something that I had already started in March last year with my office in town.
4. I LOVE having weekends back (after about 5 years!!!) – half with my wonderful daughter and half to do as I like.
5. I LOVE having met a lot of new people that are completely different from my client base.

So, all in all, I am pretty happy with the changes. The 50% means that I can still pick up my daughter at 3pm when she finishes school. I have to be in every day, so days are short for programming work, meaning that on the days I don’t have my daughter each week (Wednesday and Thursday) I can come home and get on with some photography work outstanding – including all my personal stuff. Would you believe that my daughter Maia STILL doesn’t have any albums of her own – this will change in the next few months for sure.

Do I miss working as a photographer full time??? Honestly – not entirely. I am super proud of everything I have achieved and feel great knowing that it’s something I am definitely skilled in. I would totally love to come back to doing it again one day, but preferably with a more stable home life in the background. I love that I have created lots and lots of happy memories for hundreds of families and I love that I have a skill I can use in all walks of life – to gift, to sell or to keep for myself.

I did start a ‘Picture-a-day’ Tumblr at the beginning of this year based on macro photos to keep my trigger happy finger in check. This has fallen a little to the wayside, but I hope to pick it up again and perhaps catch up with posting other photos that I took on the same day in previous years – that is, if I didn’t take a photo that day. Keep an eye out for an update when I get some free time to dedicate to the task.

One exciting trip this year so far – that I took on one of my precious weekends, is the one that I took to visit awesome friends in Montpellier back in Feb. I enjoyed some much needed sunshine on the beach alongside some super days full of laughter, great food and shared time. Here is evidence of that:

Photo credit: Susanna Reay

I’ve been reading books on Simple Living lately and found lots of interesting blogs. I am thinking of posting about how I am reacting to these influences and how I am finding it all. Also, I want to put up more of my every day photos – maybe a summary of each month?

Anyway, if you are interested in my random musings and photos, just leave a comment and it will spur me to add more.

I hope you are all well and happy and I hope to interact with you soon!

Claire x

P.S. If you ask really nicely and I have the time, I am still taking on some photography assignments. Preferably family related ones.

  • Andaleeb Lilley - Lovely to hear how you are getting on and so glad you are enjoying it AND having time for photography too – take care! Andaleeb

  • Helen Palmer - Lovely update, thanks for sharing, so happy it is working out so well for you :-)

  • Jaini - I LOVE that it is all working out for you my dear. You should be very proud of everything you have achieved. xx

~ Big Announcement ~

I have a big announcement to make:  I will be wrapping up my photography business for now.

Since my daughter started Kindergarten and I lost my ‘weekend’ midweek with her, the balance of work/life/family just hasn’t been the same. I also had this link pop in my inbox last week and it really resonated with me. Creating and running my own business has been amazing and the flexibility of the work around my family commitments has worked very well. I have had so much fun with all you lovely families over the last 5 years, it’s been brilliant! I am hoping to get a job back in the Pharma industry as a SAS programmer again.  In fact, anyone that actively and successfully helps me to get a job will earn a Full Premium photography session from me as a reward!

I have no idea how long it might take to get myself back into the corporate machine, so in the meantime I will continue with the photography, but on a month-by-month basis.  One weekend a month, I will set up a doodle schedule with time slots and anyone can sign up for slots based on booking a mini, half or full premium session.  These will be the options available:

Mini – 20 min session, including 12 jpegs – 400CHF

Maxi – 40 min session, including 25 jpegs – 800CHF

Mini and Maxi sessions will be back to back with each other and in a location of my choice which will be announced with the doodle sign up sheet. Mini sessions images will be delivered digitally only. Maxi and full sessions will be delivered digitally and also on a custom USB stick.

Full Premium – UP to 2 hours in a location of your choice, includes at least 50 jpegs a coffee table book and canvas – 1600CHF


At the beginning of this year I waited until there was snow for the winter mini sessions, these were at the beginning of Feb, so I will plan to start my monthly sessions from around the same time in 2013. The mini sessions from my 4 Seasons Winter sessions last year came out really well and I would highly recommend getting all snuggly with hats and scarfs and joining me for some sledding or snowball fights.




  • Ron Kennett - I would be very much interested to hear what equipment you use.

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