Mother & son

I love these guys.

I’ve taken lots of photos for them over the years.  Here is one memorable session – look at those curls!  You’ll also notice that little cheeky face is still there.

A picture says more than a thousand words:


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Urban City shoot – Sheffield

Sheffield is an awesome city.  It’s so unique with some great views (and hard hills to cycle up).  There is a lot of creative graffiti and on a blustery day – wind.   I’ve been hoping that a family would be well up for a bit of a cruise around to capture that in their family photos and here they are!

We cruised around stopping at some well known spots (whilst battling the match day traffic).  It was really hard to pick out these blog post sneak peeks, but I think this gives a good idea of the fun we got up to.

If any other family fancy a similar session please get in touch.  It was a super fun way to spend an afternoon and will be a set of photos to remember for a long time.


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Community Allotment Family Fun

There is a little known secret in Sheffield that is this awesome community allotment.  I came to hear about as I practice yoga at Hot Yoga Sheffield, where one happy couple here work/play in different proportions.  I’ve watched it grow from pretty much nothing to an absolutely amazing site full of produce, chickens, a tree house and now teeny tiny froglets.  There have been camp outs up here, bonfires, BBQ’s and mostly lots of fun.  It’s been a labour of love and fun for all of the family.

This shoot was for the two families that have driven the whole adventure.  Two families that also live together with the dads being twin brothers.  That’s 4 adults, 5 kids and a dog!  I took so many photos I couldn’t choose for the blog, but I think this give you a good impression of how much everyone loves it.  It’s been quit a life changing adventure for these guys and one that I’m sure they only wished they started sooner.  It’s quite an amazing space.

My funny little family love it too and I will be bringing them to put in some of our energy.  Thanks for the eggs, courgette and lettuce that I took home with me from this shoot – they were delicious!

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Happy at home

Now Sheffield is an awesome city.  I love it and I am very happy here.  However, it isn’t well known for being the sunniest spot in the UK.  This is not really a problem for those that chose to live here, but for a lifestyle photographer it can bring some apprehension to your clients if your photoshoot is scheduled for a day in which it ends up pouring it down.  I want to show that even if it is raining that I can get some awesome photos of you and your family at home in the place you love – even if it’s really not that big or bright.  Or embrace the rain, like these gorgeous twins did!

This shoot did take place on a sunny day, but we still got a good set of photos inside.  The girls are quite the musical talents and I captured them doing lots of things they love – spinning and playing their harp are only two that are shown here.  We also played hot potato on the landing, the piano, read books and hung out in the cardboard house they made.  Here are some of the pics inside:


Nice and relaxed full family portrait:


I didn’t even get any of the photos of the dog in the ones above.  I think you can tell from my blog that I am a big fan of doggies and this gorgeous pooch was no exception.  Look how happy she is:


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