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Fortnight Focus on Photography – Week 2

This week started with a photoshoot.  In fact, I have three photoshoots this week, so I might be using pictures that IView full post »

Fortnight Focus on Photography – Week 1

Ah, alliteration! It’s been nearly a year since I moved back to the UK from Basel, Switzerland.  It’s beenView full post »

A special gift

This is something I have put together for Maia’s daddy for Fathers day, I’m pretty pleased with how it cameView full post »

~ Gotland Sheepskins ~

For those that have been following my log for a while, you will know that last year I visited the amazing WhitehallView full post »

~ 4 Seasons shoots – Winter #2 ~

A week after my first set of Winter shoots, I had my second set. Apologies for only just getting round to putting thisView full post »

~ Tiny Prints for Holiday Cards ~

Have you got your Christmas Cards sorted yet? Now is definitely the time to do it, there are some great savings to beView full post »

~ Private After-Hours Sale ~

In the interest of all things fashion, that seems to be going on at the moment, I have another amazing event to shareView full post »

~ StyleMixers Review & Event Invitation ~

I had the pleasure of having The StyleMixers, Sophie and Rachel over to my house to look through my wardrobe and giveView full post »

~ Talk About Women ~

I was in a very interesting position yesterday afternoon. I was involved in an amazing event that was hosted by theView full post »

~ Cutie-pies ~

I knew that this family would have a beautifully styled shoot. There is something bubbling in the pipeline that willView full post »

~ Whitehall Farm – Spring visit ~

After my trip in January to the farm, I was really really excited to return for my Spring visit, documenting theView full post »

~ Whitehall Farm Slideshow ~

Here is the slideshow: Whitehall Farm, Devon~ Spring ~View full post »

~ Jane Fairclough – The Baby Carer ~

I feel very fortunate to know this lady very well. I first met her when I had volunteered to look after aView full post »


It’s a new year and with that comes a summary of the past year and small revisions to business structure. I amView full post »

~ LilliMoo at Markplatz – Basel ~

Yesterday evening I recieved an email that made my mouth water. It told me and many others that there were going to beView full post »

~ Photography Course with Irving Solero ~

I was quite happy to find that there was a new photographer arrived in town (about a year ago now). We first met at aView full post »

~ Operation Smile Donations ~

Firstly, a massive massive thank you to all my clients that have been making the additional 20CHF donation that I addView full post »

~ Hilly & Jack Crisp Summer Picnic Party ~

UPDATE: Picnic Party is cancelled, due to unforeseen circumstances. I will still be holding my mini sessions, butView full post »

~ Snow, public transport and flavoured sausages ~

I’ve spent the last two days in London attending the Business School section of the 6 day long SWPP Convention,View full post »

~ New Haircut ~

Not mine this time, but a friend of mine that was over visiting. She’d been talking about getting her hair cutView full post »

~ More Sutecchi Blankets made ~

I’ve not been feeling too well and anything that takes too many of my brain cells has not been the best course ofView full post »

~ Operation Smile ~

Some of you know this and perhaps others don’t, but our daughter, Maia was born with a cleft palate. We foundView full post »

~ Bookings etc. ~

I have had a lot of inquiries lately about bookings and I just want to officially say on my website that I am fullyView full post »