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Community Allotment Family Fun

There is a little known secret in Sheffield that is this awesome community allotment.  I came to hear about as IView full post »

Advent – Day 7

Three boys and a dog you say?  No problem! I embrace high energy!View full post »

Advent – Day 6

I do love it when the furry friends join the family photoshoots.  I’d been looking forward to meeting this littleView full post »

Advent – Day 1

So, it’s that time of year again!  Today, I turn on the snow again on my blog (looks like my snowflakes have goneView full post »

~ A little picture summary ~

Even though I haven’t been posting much, I haven’t been idle.  I’ve picked one photo from most of theView full post »

~ Feline Playmate ~

There is a distinct lack of sneak previews at the moment as I am going straight-to-proof with all my latest sessions.View full post »

~ Cats and Dogs and Beautiful views ~

I’m happy to travel to my clients, especially when they live in such beautiful places. I often feel a bitView full post »

~ Beautiful Eyes ~

I’ve never seen so many amazing pairs of eyes in one family. Gorgeous long dark lashes and beautifully colouredView full post »

~ Whitehall Farm – Spring visit ~

After my trip in January to the farm, I was really really excited to return for my Spring visit, documenting theView full post »

~ Whitehall Farm Slideshow ~

Here is the slideshow: Whitehall Farm, Devon~ Spring ~View full post »

~ Big Blue Eyes ~

I’ve been working a lot lately, but not much on clients work per-say. I’ve been tidying up my archives,View full post »

~ Sweet baby girl and horse kisses ~

My first shoot of 2011 took me just over the border to France. I like it just over the border here, in just a fewView full post »

~ Beautiful Baby Boy ~

Firstly – Happy New Year everyone!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and 2011 is a great year for youView full post »

~ Big Brown Eyes ~

When I say big brown eyes, I really mean it! Look at this absolutely handsome little fella. I was also happy to seeView full post »

~ Apple trees ~

I must admit that it was actually pretty amazing that I even managed to turn up to this session. I had left the houseView full post »

~ meow ~

A cat as black As blackest coal Is out upon His midnight stroll, His steps are soft, His walk is slow, His eyes areView full post »

~ Big doggie, teeny kitty and a smiley little girl ~

I had another trip over to Zurich last Friday. As I was following the GPS machine I thought the route looked familiarView full post »

~ The Anatomy of a Labradoodle ~

I love dogs and this one is kinda related to me. He’s owned by my second cousin and his lovely lady. The lastView full post »

~ A boy and his dog ~

I really love dogs. I look forward to the day when I can have another to join me in my life adventures. I had aView full post »