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There is a distinct lack of sneak previews at the moment as I am going straight-to-proof with all my latest sessions. I’ve also had a few Premium Birth Announcements (PBA) of late and haven’t managed to put up little blog posts about those little beauties either.

Last year, I promised myself my last shoot in 2011 would be mid-Novemeber in order to get everything done for everyone for Christmas – the only exception being maternity and newborns and I have had quite a few of those come in, so things have been overbooked again, busy and then add all the orders that are coming through thick and fast and I hardly have time to breath!! Not that I am complaining; it’s great to see so many wonderful products being designed, printed and heading out to loving family homes. Not to mention all those beautiful holiday cards that will be made up. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces through my letterbox over the next few weeks. My own business holiday cards arrived the other day, so they are starting to make their way out to the world too. Feel free to take a photo of it with your family or wherever you hang it and upload it to my Facebook Fan page!

So, I’ve just been designing the book for this gorgeous little lad. We started a year ago when he was born and have taken photos throughout the year and the seasons, watching him grow. He is the most laid back little cutie pie I’ve met. Always ready for a big smile and those blue eyes. This one is going to melt some hearts..

I also love the relationship he seems to have with his cat, Wellington. Here are a few images showing how they are together:

I’m happy to travel to my clients, especially when they live in such beautiful places. I often feel a bit cheated, living in Switzerland, but living in Basel. I remember when I first flew into Basel and I was wondering, ‘Where are all the mountains and lakes?’. I had the image of Switzerland in my head that it was all Heidi views everywhere. I live in the part where you can perhaps see a few hills if you go up high and there is a lovely wide river (The Rhine), but no huge body of water with Alps creating an amazing backdrop.

So, more often than not, the only time I really do see those beautiful picturesque mountains and lakes are when I travel over Zurich or Luzern way for photos. This is the second time I have been to see this family and love how the pets in the family are really just more children to these fun loving parents. We almost did exactly the same as last time. Hung out in the house, played on the piano and then took a little walk down to the little private beach garden area by the lake where their gorgeous St Bernard loves to have a dip and then shake himself over everyone!

Lovely to see you all again. Looking forward to next time already!

This kitty was just a tiny kitten last time we saw each other:

And this gorgeous little one was also smaller too:

Just a short walk down to the lake, see that the little girl is the same height as her big dog brother:

Playing together just like siblings would:


And everyone together, we lost the cat, but he did follow us down there:

I’ve never seen so many amazing pairs of eyes in one family. Gorgeous long dark lashes and beautifully coloured eyes on everybody! I’d met mum and the youngest two before and thought they had amazing eyes, just like their mum – then I met dad and I can totally see where all the kids get it from – a combination of both.

Take a look at these:

Here is the eldest with the youngest:

Pair three great looking kids with an amazingly friendly doggy – that was so keen to be a part of the action, sometimes sitting herself down right in front of me like she wanted to help – and a garden that is refered to as a park from some of the kids’ friends and we have an ideal setting for a shoot. The very friendly little doggie being given lots of love from everyone:

Then a walk down the road to the most amazing trail under the shading trees: