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After my trip in January to the farm, I was really really excited to return for my Spring visit, documenting the seasons of this beautiful farm for 2011. Lots of baby lambs and calfs had been born since Maia and I last visited and the weather was absolutely perfect for us. It was just idyllic.

To tie in with all the new little animals, we took the opportunity to invite a few local children to come and have some pictures taken on the farm too. Many thanks to their parents for letting them in with the animals and helping us. This was all a little experimental. A farm seems like an ideal place to take pictures of children, but in fact it can be quite dangerous and quite a lot of thought went into the visits to make sure everything went swimmingly. In the end I think we got some lovely shots of the farm, kids on the farm, baby animals and just the farm in general.

I love this one of Mia with the Lleyn sheep, she just loves all the animals:

A not so little lamb, they grow fast!

Maia enjoyed her first ride on a horse. I think Harvey is now on her love list.

Some of the beautiful children on the farm and the beautiful stone work and rustic wooden doors:

I was going to have a slideshow here, but it looks like I can’t put a few individual images and a slideshow without it including the previous images. I will post the slideshow as a separate post and put it below this one. Instead, here is the view of the farm from the ice cream stall just over the valley. A perfect place to stop and admire the view:

Here is the slideshow:

I’ve been working a lot lately, but not much on clients work per-say. I’ve been tidying up my archives, creating proofing books of all my delivered work to date and updating some of my samples and working on new ideas too. So, it was really great to walk up to a client door and spend a couple of hours with a family again. I have a very busy year ahead of me and it’s all going to start getting busy again from now. I have 8 shoots planned for April and a trip to the beautiful Whitehall Farm again for the Spring Season and to see all the lambs that have been born lately.

Here is the gorgeous little boy that I had the pleasure of spending time with. Last time you saw him was for his newborn session. He has the most adorable big blue eyes that match his older brother (the beautiful Siamese pictured below). Thanks for letting me play, sing you songs and take some lovely pictures of you. Looking forward to seeing you again later in the year.

Mummy, you’re so funny!

The older brother:

My first shoot of 2011 took me just over the border to France. I like it just over the border here, in just a few minutes it’s a completely different setting, with colourful houses and just a different feel to the space. I really love all the old barns.

I arrived at this lovely little cottage and this little girl was a complete doll for me. I was super happy to be able to use my new Gotland sheepskin, which this little lady just loved! I think she was the most happy snuggled into the soft frazzles of the sheep wool. Mum and dad were great sports too, it was really lovely spending a good portion of the day with you and also meeting not only your beautiful little girl, but all your animals too. The brown horsey nose at the end of these images was the one that gave me quite an impressive ear/cheek nuzzle/kiss. A first for me!

So, to the little beauty:

A very regal looking kitty cat:

My horsey affection giver:

Mummy’s first baby: