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I managed to squeeze one more teeny tiny shoot before I left Basel for the weekend.  Another family of mine had a VIP from the US in the house visiting and after she’d had shoots with me before and experienced other photographers in America it was me that she wanted to take more photos of her with her grandchildren – totally honoured and happy to hear that!!  It’s always nice to know that your work is appreciated.

So, on the kids lunch break, just as it had stopped raining (it was still dribbling a bit) we did the best we could.  I think we got some great shots even though it might not have felt like it at the time.  There are quite a lot more with silly faces (still special in their own way).  Check out how stylish this Grandmammy is!


There is a certain amount of fitness involved in the work I do, as these few shots show!  Thanks to all those kids that keep me on my toes, including these cheeky faces!


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That last one was actually a forward running star jump!!  😀

Another family in their 7th year with me.  This time, they took me somewhere I had never been to in Basel – the beach!!  To get there, we had to bypass the world, then follow the Rhine a little.  I’d seen this part of Basel from a friends balcony, but I’d never actually been over there.  It’s a perfect little quiet corner of Basel and one that I hope to return to.  With the Rhine as low as it was, this left us with a nice pebbly beach to skim stones from.

We always have our annual photoshoot as close as we can to Miss L’s birthday.  Notice that this gorgeous 8 year old had a very special present for her birthday this year – her ears were pierced.  Again, how are these little ones growing up so fast?   I think we got a record number of outfit changes on this shoot too.  Great job mum for getting everything looking so perfect!



I love this park, I’ve been there a lot – with my daughter and with clients.  It’s such a social park and it’s just been getting better and better.

This family have been with me since the beginning (this is our 7th year now!) and I love seeing their happy faces.  I remember when the little girl was born and I visited them in the hospital.  Now these kids are growing up (my own included) and it’s wonderful to see their personalities grow and evolve.  Creating lasting relationships with families is rewarding for all involved I think.  One of my favourite perks of my job is all the hugs – especially from the kids.  At the end of a session we’ll often all high-five and the kids give me a nice ‘see you again next year’ hug.  Wonderful.  As ever, I look forward to seeing what my clients do with their holiday cards, this family is no exception.  Here’s a little sneak peak of our pictures.