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This was a fun shoot. As you all know, I mostly take pictures of children and small people, with a few weddings thrown into the mix for good measure. This was a shoot that mum wanted of her and her two daughters – that were 20 and 21. A little older than I am used to working with. It was so much fun though and such a wonderful thing to do. It made me think that the photoshoot that I have planned later this year with the amazing Naomi Kenton is so definitely a good thing to do. I plan to have a shoot with my mum, grandma, daughter and me. Making it a celebration of 4 generations of women within our family. I’m sure that the photos we’ll have taken will be something that I cherish forever and hopefully future generations will replicate.

So, I would say that a third of this shoot was outside with mum and her beautiful girls and the other part of our session was a little more.. erm.. intimate! I have taken photos of women, for women (although the other halves in their lives clearly benefit) before and really love that women want to have pictures like this. It’s such a good idea and especially if you are young, although that is by no means an essential. The age span of my female clients for these kinds of shoots is about 30 years. I’ve found myself too busy with family shoots and weddings to really advertise these kinds of shoots, but I absolutely do do them and may well plan a weekend dedicated to these kinds of shoots when I can. Something for Valentines day would work. If anyone is interested, please just send me a mail and we’ll work something out.

So, for obvious reasons, I am not posting anything too sensitive here. They will be in a private post, but here are a few that I don’t think the girls will mind these being public. Thanks for such a fun afternoon! It was a pleasure to meet you all and makes me wish I had a sister!

Look at these big eyes:

No surprise that mum is gorgeous too!


Firstly, I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone. I’m working on how it is best to showcase these types of images without mixing them too much with my regular family friendly images. I’m talking about boudoir images – sensual, flattering, feel good portraits for women (and perhaps also their men!).

At a recent wedding that I was photographing, I was sat next to a guy that with a couple of his friends owns a photography studio located in South Germany. We kept in touch after the wedding to try and work out a time when I could go and visit and see what they were up to over there. With my weekends booking up fast I headed out last weekend whilst I had the time. It was well worth it – great space! I felt like a kid in the best playroom ever there. Not only was I treated like a VIP, they had also arranged a lovely girl to come and play with me to test out the space for boudoir type images.

I conclude that is is a great space for Boudoir pictures! The studio is located a few hours away from Basel though, but if there were a bunch of girls interested in this, then we could organise a minibus and make a day of it. I am not going to post too many images and mostly ones that are less revealing. We had a great white background set, a black room, wallpapered section with lovely chairs, slatted blinds, natural light window and a cast iron bed. Loads of options and combinations! There was even a white vespa which looked great on the white background.

I’ve already got some great plans for more of this work this year. We can work 1:1 in your own home, I’ve also worked in groups – something to get excited about with your girlfriends – the planning, the shopping, the actual day having mates to giggle with and of course share the bubbly with! Other options other than the studio might include working with hotels and making a day of it with individuals or small groups. The options are endless.. Expect more on this topic this year, in the meantime here are some piccies:

For those of the fainthearted, please avert your eyes now..

There have been some very lucky men smiling privately to themselves here in Basel lately. All of which have now received their own gorgeous albums from their loving ladies. Here is a sneak peek at what I’ve been up to when I am not taking pictures of gorgeous snuggly newborns and happy families.

If anyone is interested in having their very own Boudoir session, please let me know. It’s a great experience for anyone – fun, sexy and beautiful. I think these three ladies would agree.

Happy Valentines’ Day everyone. Happy Chinese New Year too. It’s the year of the tiger – Grrr..!