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I have a friend that travels a fair amount – with work and not with work. Many moons ago at a little get together, she was very interested in learning more about the camera I then had (Canon 30D). I gave her my recommendations and on a trip to the US, she just went for it – bought a good deal of gear and just jumped straight into to DSLR photography. I showed her a few things in Lightroom and she was one of my first students when I ran my Landscape Course. The rest, as they say, is history!

Since then, we get together when we can to geek out about camera gear, I ooh and ahh over her amazing landscapes from all over the world and secretly I was quite envious of all her trips and beautiful scenes that flashed her sensor. Then earlier last year she asked if I wanted to go to Marrakesh with her for a few days to take pictures. Erm, let me think about that for a second…. YES! Easy jet had just started to fly there, there were cheap flights and the plan was to go at a time where the Christmas rush for me should have slowed down.

I was there! And so excited!

Many photographers will know that going on holiday with family – i.e. non photographers, can be quite hard. You want to take more pictures than you feel you can. You need to balance spending time with the family with exploring new spaces through your lens. I think if you are a photographer – or keen on photography, going on a holiday that is purely intended to be for photography is a great idea. Not only was Marrakesh an amazingly beautiful place full of colours and textures and smells, it was just so much fun to be on a photography holiday.

We went at the beginning of December last year and I’ve only just got round to editing my pictures, but here are a few shots. On another trip I’d like to focus more on portraits, but when I went, I was more interested in texture and colour.

Welcome 2009! 2008 was a fabulous time for me and the start of my business, I must say I’ve enjoyed the journey greatly. Here’s to an even more exciting 2009! I have lots of plans and ideas and creative energy to share. I wish all of you and your families lots of smiles and happy moments. Perhaps some of them will be captured on camera forever.

We went to the mountains with friends for our first day of 2009. It was beautiful.