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Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons for taking photographs in.  Especially in Switzerland.  You can usually bank on about a month of each season between the cold and snowy winters and the very hot summers.  We battled a little bit with some wind on the day these were taken, but the location was just wonderful.  We had a lovely green park area to ourselves that was right next to the lake and a beautiful willow tree.

Here are some highlights from the day, I’m looking forward to seeing most of you again in the Autumn:



Lastly, I had the pleasure of being driven to Zurich and back by a good friend of mine.  We came back the scenic route to get some shots of the alps and fly his drone.  I have a copy of this printed in my house on silk paper.  Lovely.


Even though this little lady and I had met before, it was a long time ago when she was under a year. Last time I saw her, her hair was a lot shorter and darker. The little girl here looked like a little angel. Beautiful. I also know that she is very good friends with another of my supermodels and I guess that when they are together they probably look like angelic sisters.

There was a little bit of shyness, but within a small amount of time I think I proved myself to be safe and fun and friendly. Result!

I had so many amazing photos to choose from for this. The location we were at was an amazing little villa that is a middle school. It was just gorgeous round there. So much so that after our shoot I stayed to knit in the field next to the school with my friend that was visiting. Idylic.

So, here we go… What a location huh:

Warming up together with a bit of hide and seek/chase!

Isn’t she adorable:

Love the scrunchy nose..

And a fun fish-eye one to end the session on a high!

Thanks for a lovely afternoon, it was great to see you all again.

Shoot 1 in Zurich, a family that I saw a couple of years ago when this little girl didn’t have these gorgeous curls. This time we met up in the center of Zurich – on a day when the center of town was closed off to cars!! We managed to meet up and to warm the kids up a little. Here I tried to get them to just stand side by side and hold hands. Clearly they had a completely different idea! I love spirited kids, even if they do make my job a teensy bit more tricksy:

Cheeky little racer:

Best friends:

Gorgeous curls and eyes:

Then at the very end of our shoot the kids started playing around the tree together and I couldn’t help but get this shot:

Super cute. These siblings just love playing with each other. Suss!