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The eyes on these boys are just amazing.  The little one has the longest lashes too.  Just to die for.  I think mama is going to have her work cut out with these two as they get older and charm all the lucky girls.

Always always a pleasure to see this family.  It’s amazing following families as they grow, we have another session later in the year and I am already looking forward to it.  Just a little shoot in the local park for now, these two photos were taken on the walk to the park:


The two boys together in the dasies:

Family fun time in the park:

A little bit of attention to the younger brother:

Beautiful newborn babies. I’ve got to snuggle quite a few recently. This little girl was just gorgeous. We mostly camped out in the beautifully well lit bedroom and had fun getting some real lifestyle family photos.

Thanks for sharing such an amazing time of your life with me. Here are a few piccies of your beautiful family.

Happy Sunday mornings:

Kisses between sisters:

Such a cute little pixie:

Safe in daddy’s arms:

Congratulations on your new baby girl!

The older girls aren’t babies any more, but they will always be to their mummy and daddy. Same as my little girl will always be my baby.

I have been very lucky to get to snuggle quite a few newborn babies recently. I love newborn babies. There is something about them that just makes you smile and wonder about the beauty in life (apart from when they don’t stop crying of course!). I was welcomed into this busy home on the same day that Grandma had flown in from the US. The two older girls were super friendly and sweet and by the time I had finished both of them had enveloped me in a giant hug and declared me their new best friend.. Moments like that make me feel super happy and warm inside – thanks you two! Then the youngest – what a beauty – so good and calm and quiet.

There are a few more images here than normal to make up for the fact that the rest of their images will take a little longer than usual as I get through the Christmas rush of album designs and orders. I feel like a Christmas elf!

So, here are your sneak preview images. The session was an amazing gift from the girl’s Auntie. What a lovely gift! Something that will be treasured forever.

Such careful and proud big sisters:

Cheeky wink:

It was such a surprisingly lovely day, we had to take a few outside:

Wide eyed and bushy tailed:

And wearing a hat made especially for her:

Simply just her:

And a last one of everyone together just before I left. Such warmth and love:

I’m happy to travel to my clients, especially when they live in such beautiful places. I often feel a bit cheated, living in Switzerland, but living in Basel. I remember when I first flew into Basel and I was wondering, ‘Where are all the mountains and lakes?’. I had the image of Switzerland in my head that it was all Heidi views everywhere. I live in the part where you can perhaps see a few hills if you go up high and there is a lovely wide river (The Rhine), but no huge body of water with Alps creating an amazing backdrop.

So, more often than not, the only time I really do see those beautiful picturesque mountains and lakes are when I travel over Zurich or Luzern way for photos. This is the second time I have been to see this family and love how the pets in the family are really just more children to these fun loving parents. We almost did exactly the same as last time. Hung out in the house, played on the piano and then took a little walk down to the little private beach garden area by the lake where their gorgeous St Bernard loves to have a dip and then shake himself over everyone!

Lovely to see you all again. Looking forward to next time already!

This kitty was just a tiny kitten last time we saw each other:

And this gorgeous little one was also smaller too:

Just a short walk down to the lake, see that the little girl is the same height as her big dog brother:

Playing together just like siblings would:


And everyone together, we lost the cat, but he did follow us down there: