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It’s December!!  The beginning of advent!  I have officially turned on the snow.

Each day leading up to xmas I will put up another pretty picture from the last couple of busy months.


For the first day of Christmas I give to you this festive jumper wearing smiler:




For the second day of Christmas we have a little boy that turns 7 today and his sweet little sister against beautiful autumn leaves:



On the Third day of Christmas, it was my Dad’s birthday.  Sadly, he didn’t make it to celebrate his 40th, leaving this world at the ripe age of 39, eighteen and a half years ago.   I only seem to have one photo of us together.  I like it.  He’s fairly bemused by the fact that I am picking my nose on a ferry journey one summer.  My lovely little brother being about 1 or so and me about 3.  This was before he had a big dragon tattooed on his forearm (my dad, not my younger brother!).  Happy Birthday Dad, wherever you are!



On the Fourth day of Christmas, two cutie pie siblings:



On the Fifth day of Christmas a sparkly eyed beauty:



On the Sixth day of Christmas her sweet little brother:



On the Seventh day of Christmas three flying big boys:



On the Eighth day of Christmas a cute little reindeer:



On the Ninth day of Christmas a happy family:



On the Tenth day of Christmas two loving little boys:



On the Eleventh day of Christmas a family by the Rhine:



On the Twelfth day of Christmas twins in the Peaks:



On the Thirteenth day of Christmas it is snowing leaves:



On the Fourteenth day of Christmas some big brown eyes:



On the Fifteenth day of Christmas a lovely woffy dog:


Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons for taking photographs in.  Especially in Switzerland.  You can usually bank on about a month of each season between the cold and snowy winters and the very hot summers.  We battled a little bit with some wind on the day these were taken, but the location was just wonderful.  We had a lovely green park area to ourselves that was right next to the lake and a beautiful willow tree.

Here are some highlights from the day, I’m looking forward to seeing most of you again in the Autumn:



Lastly, I had the pleasure of being driven to Zurich and back by a good friend of mine.  We came back the scenic route to get some shots of the alps and fly his drone.  I have a copy of this printed in my house on silk paper.  Lovely.