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What a lovely little shoot I had in the park with this sunny family.  It’s always interesting with the little ones in a short period of time and meeting early is great for not having too many other people around, but can be a bit early for some!  Casual fun family photos were what we were going for, including feeding the ducks in the park.  I think we met our goal.







We got a little cheeky smile in the end!




There are lots of things to think about when you have a photoshoot, there are also lots of things to worry about – including the weather.  However, I want to reassure you that even if the weather isn’t brilliant I can still take some fantastic photos for you.  These gorgeous twins arrived prepared with matching Hunter wellies and umbrellas – their entire outfits were from Squirts on Ecclesall Road.  How gorgeous are they!!  I was so close to postponing, but so glad that we didn’t.



Given that I used to live in this area, I didn’t know about this little sweet area in the Peaks – I should be ashamed.  I’ve been up the road a lot (mainly The Fox House pub) and have even rock climbed around here, but somehow I missed this lovely area.  I will be back, for sure either walking, with my daughter or with another fun family.

Scrolling down these photos, I think you can guess that this super fut mummy is actually a sports teacher.  I was seriously impressed when she flew up in the air in style when her hubby gave her a back lift.  She knew exactly what was going down.

The meeting point that we had was at the ice cream vans at the top of the road.  I was hoping I wouldn’t miss it, but there was little chance of that.  A sweet reward at the end of a fab photoshoot.  Thanks for having fun with me.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of your photos, check out that true sisterly love in the middle.



When I first moved back to Sheffield and my daughter started her new school there was a call out for raffle prizes, so one of the first work things I did was send off for some premium looking gift vouchers so that I could offer them at various events or for clients to gift.  The holiday season event at the school ended up touting my gift voucher as a top prize!  I hoped this would get word out about my awesome work and hopefully some bookings.  The plan was to have the voucher used by Easter when I would have more work back in Switzerland.  As life takes over I’ve only just had this voucher cashed in.

It was interesting to this delightful ex P4 girl not in her school uniform, she looked so much older somehow.  We had a good chat about how her new school is and that she has to go on Saturday mornings too!  It was lovely to see her again and I wish her lots of luck with her studies, not that it sounds like she needs it.  Here are a few shots of that very successful young lady that got a free photo session and all photos included.  We were down in the valley where I like to go running, I’d been eyeing it up as a great location for work purposes, I think it worked out well!