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I didn’t blog this session, but there is a double page spread in the album that I put together for her.  I think looks really lovely together, so here it is instead of a full blog.  What a beautiful girl.



When I first moved back to Sheffield and my daughter started her new school there was a call out for raffle prizes, so one of the first work things I did was send off for some premium looking gift vouchers so that I could offer them at various events or for clients to gift.  The holiday season event at the school ended up touting my gift voucher as a top prize!  I hoped this would get word out about my awesome work and hopefully some bookings.  The plan was to have the voucher used by Easter when I would have more work back in Switzerland.  As life takes over I’ve only just had this voucher cashed in.

It was interesting to this delightful ex P4 girl not in her school uniform, she looked so much older somehow.  We had a good chat about how her new school is and that she has to go on Saturday mornings too!  It was lovely to see her again and I wish her lots of luck with her studies, not that it sounds like she needs it.  Here are a few shots of that very successful young lady that got a free photo session and all photos included.  We were down in the valley where I like to go running, I’d been eyeing it up as a great location for work purposes, I think it worked out well!



This week started with a photoshoot.  In fact, I have three photoshoots this week, so I might be using pictures that I like from those shoots and sharing some insights.  The fortnight continues…


Day 8: Mother and Daughter

It’s always good to get a more creative angle when you are taking portraits, I love that my 50mm can focus on just one plane and everything else is a creamy blur of colours.  It was also quite windy on this shoot and all the girls were in pretty dresses, so it’s nice to crouch down with mum and get a bit of a cuddle.



Day 9: Pets (Our pet house bunny Hazel)

Never work with children and animals, isn’t that what they say?  They are my favourite to work with, I wonder what that makes me??   I have no child in the house at the moment, so my focus for today was on taking photos of our pet house rabbit Hazel Bunny.  Trickier than you might think as she wanted to get a bit closer than I intended (i.e. hopping on top of me as I try and take a photo, whilst lying on my back).  Here is our beautiful bunny:


Day 10:  Long exposures

I’ve wanted to do something with stacking photos for a long time.  Often you see them done with stars in the night sky (when you see the circular trails as the earth moves and they don’t).  Well, I just pointed my camera out of my attic window at the road outside my house and took a few hundred long exposures.  I then deleted all the ones that didn’t have any moving lights in them and stacked the rest.  I’ll definitely be doing this again, but with perhaps something a bit more interesting.  Here’s my picture:


Day 11: Erm…

Day 12: Profiles

It’s often some of the first and last photos that I take at a shoot that I love the most.  This one was taken at home whilst daddy was getting ready and I was drinking my cup of tea.  I just love these kinds of shots.  Beautiful.


Day 13:  Wonderful Indian colours

What a beautiful party!  I have always been a big admirer of sari’s and the way that Indian women dress.   I love colours and textures and fabrics and sari’s are just wonderful, then add the jewelry and bindi’s, well!  These were taken at a well attended event for a special little girl.  Everyone looked wonderful and I even got to borrow a sari!


Day 14:  Coming soon!