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Sunshine in Western Park!

What a lovely little shoot I had in the park with this sunny family.  It’s always interesting with the littleView full post »

Come rain or shine

There are lots of things to think about when you have a photoshoot, there are also lots of things to worry aboutView full post »

Trilogy from an album

I didn’t blog this session, but there is a double page spread in the album that I put together for her.  I thinkView full post »

~ A little picture summary ~

Even though I haven’t been posting much, I haven’t been idle.  I’ve picked one photo from most of theView full post »

~ Lots of pretty in the park ~

I realised just before this shoot that most of my clients these days seem to be repeat clients and it’s just likeView full post »

~ Dimples! ~

I’m really enjoying watching this little fella grow. Last time I saw him, he was strapped to him mummy whist sheView full post »

~ Baby girl in the park ~

We had a perfect day – bright and sunny and just the perfect temperature for taking a newborn to the park forView full post »

~ High-energy fun! ~

I swear, this little boy didn’t stay still the whole entire session. He pretty much was running the whole time!View full post »

~ The cheekiest, happiest smiles ~

I met this daddy in Sheffield at a gig once. We were both taking photos and I ran out of space on my card. He wasView full post »

~ Little boys and their big blue eyes ~

The eyes on these boys are just amazing.  The little one has the longest lashes too.  Just to die for.  I think mama isView full post »

~ Tulips and tummy time ~

I was spoilt rotten for cutie pies in front of my lens last weekend, including this beautiful little girl. After lotsView full post »

~ Just 2 days old ~

The maternity session from this family is just a few posts down. I was away for a working week in Jan and it’sView full post »

~ Another little girl ~

I have had the pleasure of working with this lovely and interesting family for a while now and I really enjoy meetingView full post »

~ Feline Playmate ~

There is a distinct lack of sneak previews at the moment as I am going straight-to-proof with all my latest sessions.View full post »

~ Beautiful Baby Girl(s) ~

The older girls aren’t babies any more, but they will always be to their mummy and daddy. Same as my little girlView full post »

~ Autumn sunshine ~

This was my last Saturday to be booked for this year and it was booked about 6 months back! Remember, if you wantView full post »

~ Non-stop smiles ~

I love this little boy. He’s adorable. I met him and his mummy in the park pretty early – so early weView full post »

~ They just get bigger and bigger ~

I always think of the first session we had together when I see this little boy. I met him when he was fresh to theView full post »

~ Cats and Dogs and Beautiful views ~

I’m happy to travel to my clients, especially when they live in such beautiful places. I often feel a bitView full post »

~ Zurich Play Day ~

Boy, did this little cutie keep me on my toes! I pride myself on being quite quick with my camera and no matter howView full post »

~ Such a little lady ~

Another one of my loyal subjects (that makes me sound a bit regal!). It’s so wonderful seeing little ones grow.View full post »

~ New Baby Girl ~

We’d been trying for a while to get a photoshoot together. A new little baby was on her way and trying to find aView full post »

~ Sunshine and sunflowers ~

A family that have been with me from the beginning. I first took pictures for them when their little girl was born. IView full post »

~ Curli-locks ~

Another family that have been with me over the years. I’ve spent many happy hours knitting with her mummy inView full post »