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I realised just before this shoot that most of my clients these days seem to be repeat clients and it’s just like hanging out with friends for a couple of hours and having a camera play date. This family is a new family to me and it was just as easy and relaxed. We were at Wenken Park in the very bright sunshine. Our little lady was in top form and was wearing an outfit that totally matched the space where we headed to first. I’d like to say that we planned that in advance, but it was just super great luck and good styling from mom.

Here is the start of our little shoot:

What a stunner. That will be easy to see where it comes from when you see mommy:

We had a bit of a play in and round the park, climbed a tree, petted soem dogs and they mostly laughed at me doing my famous monkey impression! Then we settled down for a bit of picnic blanket time:

Playing with mommy and daddy:

Then, as usual with little ones of this age – she decided when enough was enough. Snuggles with daddy after a pretty excellent photoshoot. Well done!

I’m really enjoying watching this little fella grow. Last time I saw him, he was strapped to him mummy whist she was out and about town and I was on my way to my office. He was sleeping and hiding under a muslin cloth to protect him from the sun. I hadn’t seen him since his newborn shoot and so when I did get to say hello again, I was happy to see how much he had grown. Not really so little any more, you would be forgiven for thinking that he might be 6 months or older. At 4 months, he is infections giggles and smiles and already has lots of energy.

Here is a great piccie of him and his dad after filling his belly with milk. He was in amazing spirits:

Having a bit of a walk outside. He’s already very strong and very keen to be up and about being independent:

Giggles with mummy and daddy:

Very interested in the beautiful trees and plants outside:

Finally, I love this one – flying around with daddy playing aeroplanes. Wheeeeee….

We had a perfect day – bright and sunny and just the perfect temperature for taking a newborn to the park for some photos. We found a lovely little shady spot and had entertainment in the form of horse riding and merry music as there was a mini festie going on in the park.

These little girls are going to be good friends. I know it. A beautiful family with lots of adventures lying ahead of them.

With her bunny. I love how tiny and perfect little newborns are. I love these cute little socks too:

A very proud big sister:

And proud parents:

Perfect little details:

Hello baby!

I swear, this little boy didn’t stay still the whole entire session. He pretty much was running the whole time! Was a great work out for me, so I wasn’t complaining. I do find that boys in general have much more stamina than girls when it comes to running around. It was no surprise that mum was in such great shape!

A rare moment of stillness..

Gorgeous smile and excited adventurous eyes:

He loved his little car. Pretty quick on it too!

Love this one..

Seriously, this is what I was watching most of the time. He ran off to join the runners doing laps of the park! This one is going to keep his parents very busy.