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Community Allotment Family Fun

There is a little known secret in Sheffield that is this awesome community allotment.  I came to hear about as IView full post »

Happy at home

Now Sheffield is an awesome city.  I love it and I am very happy here.  However, it isn’t well known for beingView full post »

Advent – Day 25

If you haven’t already got them out of the cupboard, I think it might be soon time to rock your ChristmasView full post »

Advent – Day 9

On the ninth day of Christmas – one gorgeous Mama and her clan, including a very excited 4 month old puppy.  WhatView full post »

Advent – Day 4

Gorgeous Autumn leaves and smiles.  From a session back when the leaves were perfectly Autumnal.View full post »

Advent – Day 3

Some music for today, played by an angel.View full post »

Advent – Day 2

The gorgeous twins were back for more photos last week.  Here’s a cheeky one of them that made me smile. GorgeousView full post »

Win a Yoga Photoshoot!

For those that don’t know, there has been a LOT of yoga in my life recently.  When I first moved to Basel IView full post »

Dandelions & Graffiti

I was greeted at this shoot with gifts of leaves that had been picked especially for me.  Straight off the bat, thisView full post »

Happy New Year!!!

So far it’s been a great new year.  Friends, family, food, fresh air and an exciting anticipation for the newView full post »

A free gift!

When I first moved back to Sheffield and my daughter started her new school there was a call out for raffle prizes, soView full post »

Action Time

There is a certain amount of fitness involved in the work I do, as these few shots show!  Thanks to all those kids thatView full post »

Fortnight Focus on Photography – Week 2

This week started with a photoshoot.  In fact, I have three photoshoots this week, so I might be using pictures that IView full post »

Fortnight Focus on Photography – Week 1

Ah, alliteration! It’s been nearly a year since I moved back to the UK from Basel, Switzerland.  It’s beenView full post »

A special gift

This is something I have put together for Maia’s daddy for Fathers day, I’m pretty pleased with how it cameView full post »

Shooting Film

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Here is a personal post for now. I shot some film.  Perhaps not inView full post »

~ A little picture summary ~

Even though I haven’t been posting much, I haven’t been idle.  I’ve picked one photo from most of theView full post »

~ What I have been up to the last few months ~

Hello world! How on earth has it got to April already??? So, as there has been very little activity here on the blogView full post »

~ Big Announcement ~

I have a big announcement to make:  I will be wrapping up my photography business for now. Since my daughter startedView full post »

~ In which I am introduced to Globeli and we go for a walk in the woods ~

The latest update for this lovely family. Lots of fun and laughter with big sister whilst the little sister stillView full post »

~ The cheekiest, happiest smiles ~

I met this daddy in Sheffield at a gig once. We were both taking photos and I ran out of space on my card. He wasView full post »

~ Gotland Sheepskins ~

For those that have been following my log for a while, you will know that last year I visited the amazing WhitehallView full post »

~ More fun in France ~

It’s pretty cool living in the part of Switzerland that I do. Both France and Germany are right on my doorstep,View full post »

~ January 2012 ~

Following in the steps of UK photographer Anna Hardy, I have decided to also start a 365 project again. It is where IView full post »