Monthly Archives: March 2009

This little girl and I have met before for a Classic session and Maia and I went for a visit recently when Grandma was in town. The two girls were just loving running after each other and making each other giggle. Too cute.

This time we met for the first of 3 sessions. Fresh from the hairdressers with a cute new cut, this one was a secret session whilst daddy was away on business. Lots of dancing, dressing up and giggling was had. I’m looking forward to seeing you again at our next session.

I’ve been waiting to meet this little girl for a little while now. I took maternity pictures about a week before she was due and then she was late and I didn’t manage to get to see her in the hospital and a shoot reschedule meant that I finally got to meet her at 3 weeks old. It was absolutely worth the wait though, she was an absolute doll!

Not only was she very happy wrapped in my blankets and on my baby beanbag, but she then woke up and had her eyes open beautifully for her passport picture and a few glimpses of a smile. Good work!

Good friends of ours that now live in Canada were back for their last visit before their baby will be born. We sadly missed their wedding, due to being at another one in the UK that weekend, but at least I got to provide some maternity shots for them. Mummy is also a photographer, so it was quite nice to catch up and geek out together over photography.

They are expecting a little boy and so the inclusion of one of Maia’s toy cars seemed quite fitting. We wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and the birth of your little boy. I can’t wait to see some yummy pictures of him once he is born.