Monthly Archives: May 2009

It was Mother’s Day when I payed a visit to this fun-loving family. I had been woken up by my lovely little daughter bringing me a bunch of 8 red roses. They came with a glowing smile and a big hug and kiss. I love being a mummy.

This family were all dressed up and ready to go when I arrived. We set up the studio and got started taking some lovely family portraits and individual portraits. After a nice snack and some macro shots we headed upstairs to the balcony for a bit of a song and a dance. The colours of trees in the background really went well with the bright colours of the children’s clothes. Perfect. We had a little explore in the garden, observing a very large bumble bee and then came back inside for a few more shots on the black background, this time with some super dancing. It was so much fun. By the end I almost felt as though I was on a music photoshoot! As promised, here is your sneak peak before I am off for 3 weeks. I look forward to processing the rest of them on my return.

On Saturday I had two family photoshoots, both with two kids booked over in Zurich. I packed up the car the night before and thoroughly enjoyed the drive over to the lake, where I could see the Swiss mountains observing at a distance. This is real Switzerland. Much as I love Basel, it’s not quite the same as Zurich, Luzern or Geneva. When I think of Switzerland, I think of mountains and lakes, Basel sadly has neither, but is very conveniently located for travel and shopping just over the border in either France or Germany.

The first family was made up of mum, dad and two lovely boys as well as two cats. We headed over to a picturesque field full of lots of buttercups and found the shade of a lovely tree to take a few family shots. We headed back home via the cows and with a few jumps down some steps. Back home the boys ate some apples and we took some studio shots as well as others in and around their home. I over ran a little, so didn’t have as much time as I thought between shoots. I did manage to park up near to the lake and grab a sandwich and drink whilst I chilled lakeside and downloaded the session onto my laptop. I really do love my job. Here are their images:

The second family that I went to spend some time with on Saturday were this lovely family below. I was thinking that I really should invest in a sat nav system whilst trying to find their beautiful home. I must say that it did feel more like being on holiday than work though heading out into the beautiful hills and small tracks. Just down the road was another great feild, this time full of dandelions that we had a play in before heading home for a bounce, some time in the garden and then finally a few studio shots back inside. We finished up just in time as the huge storm was heading our way. In fact, I ended up driving back through it on the way home, which was quite spectacular, if a little scary. It was a long, but very enjoyable day with both families and I came home to a beautiful rack of lamb ready to be served up as soon as I walked in the door. Yum yum.

Thank you both for waiting for your proofs until I am back from holiday. I hope these images are enough to keep you going until then.

This blog post is seriously overdue. I’ve been very very busy of late and this blog post has been waiting quite a while to appear. The adorable little girl in question is now just over a month old and it was wonderful to see her again today at our playgroup. So here is a sneak peak at your images. I hope to get your proofing site to you before I go away to Hong Kong next Wednesday so you don’t have to wait any longer!

OK, little blurb over, now to this beautiful family and their wonderful new addition. We had bump pictures just over a month ago, then the hospital shoot on day 2 and now the follow up session back at home. My newborn props did a wonderful job again keeping this little lady happy, snug in a wrap laying on the softest blanket over a heated pad Little Miss M was a treat to take pictures of, we even managed to get her proud sister in on the action too and then everyone in, including one set of grandparents at the end for the grand finale.

I am very much looking forward to coming back again and again and again to document your first year together, we had a super start. Here is your sneak peak: