Monthly Archives: June 2009

Session number 2 of three. This little baby is growing well and it was wonderful to see baby and proud mummy again. I was especially pleased that earlier that day I managed to also find a parasol – a search I thought was going to be futile.

I’d been keeping an eye on evening light and was hoping to catch some golden hour sun, but the weather just wasn’t co-operating. We managed to just get some outside shots in before it started to rain though, so we were happy. Here are some piccies, including the sneak peak from our previous session to show growth through the season changes.

Recap from spring:

Now the blossoms have turned to cherries:

And some fun with my new parasol:

After 3.5 weeks of travel, visiting lots and lots of family, we are back in Basel. I am working through my mail to answer all the new inquiries I’ve had since I’ve been away, with the exciting possibility of an exhibition in the near future too. For now though, here are a few images from my travels.

The rooftop of the family apartment we stayed in at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong:

Rooftops in Shanghai, in the old market area:

Maia enjoying her holiday:

And some time to get creative:

Including long overdue visits to my lovely UK friends: