Monthly Archives: August 2009

This lovely Swiss Family should have already featured on my blog. They are signed up for a full year of having me document their newborn baby girl. Ordinarily we would have had the maternity session up here, but this little lady just couldn’t wait to arrive. Instead of a maternity session we had our ‘hospital’ session on day 3, albeit back at home and then our follow up Newborn session when she was only 10 days old. It looks like this one is going to forge her own way in this world the way she wants it.

The most quiet and serene newborn so far I think, this shoot was such a pleasure. Here is Little Miss A and her rainbow family:

I loved this shoot. I don’t often take so many pictures of children that are old enough to hold a coherent conversation with, my client base having grown in and around my own little girl so far. I must say it was really brilliant. The older ones were wide eyed when I pulled out my big camera and were enjoying leafing through my sample coffee table books as much as the parents.

We were mostly playing outside in their lovely big garden, on the hammocks, feeding the fish, playing with the rabbits, finding little lizards and just generally having lots of fun. I could have happily stayed all day. It’s been hard picking out a few sneak peaks, but here they are. C, I hope you like that I added your great jump from the swing! Enjoy.


I love shoots in the park, just letting the kids play and circling round them capturing them just being them.. Back at Grün80 park with this gorgeous brother and sister was brilliant. We blew bubbles. played in the playground and had an ice-cream picnic before they decided that they’d had enough fun.

I just loved how this sweet little girl scrunched her nose up when she giggled. So infectious.


So, this last weekend was my one weekend off a month that I get being in the job that I am in. Taking photos at the weekend works well with the family in that Maia doesn’t have to go in so many days at daycare, but at times I have missed my weekends. This weekend was like being on holiday though, it was great. It was the annual Wine Walk.

Last year I was officially taking photos, but this year I decided to have a proper holiday and take only my little camera. Here are some of the lovely sights.


Thank you Jane for organising another great event with Connexions and a very big thank you to my friend Mariah for having Maia for 24 hours.

For those of you that have not heard of Connexions, it is an excellent English Speaking Social Group that runs as a Charity helping Forever Angels Orphans in Africa. There are lots of activities organised each moth from hikes, to wine tasting and theatre trips. If you are interested in making new friends and having a social life planed out for you, please get in touch with Jane or apply through their website. It’s a fab group to belong to. Check out all the photos to prove it. I maintain the picture side of the Connexions site and rest assured 2009 pictures are coming very soon.