Monthly Archives: September 2009

Soon to be her second birthday this is the second of our Meet Me More sessions. It’s always a pleasure spending time with this family. Seeing as the weather was so nice (unlike last time!) we took a lovely little walk in the St. Alban area. We walked through the park, down to the river via the old walls of Basel and then stopped for a nice drink from one of the beautiful fountains that are all over Basel. I think this was Miss L’s favourite bit! Here are some of the highlights:

It’s been a busy few weeks for me and my business, so much so that I’ve almost forgotten what it is like to have free time. Still, I’m not complaining, I would be bored otherwise and much prefer to have lots to do than not – not that I’ve ever done nothing!

So, there was the exhibition that took way more time than I thought to organise, from choosing the pictures (I’m a terrible decision maker) to working out which ones will go together, ordering them and then the 4 hours it took to actually hang them. The opening night was fabulous and the run up to it and even the big day felt something akin to a wedding day to me. It was wonderful to see so many people there and also the little red dots appear on the tags. Then I had a few days of late night sewing making all the baby blankets ready for the trade show in Cologne. Mix in trying to organise a Christmas Card shoot, chasing escapee bunnies, going to a Basel photo group meet up and a surprise birthday dinner for a good friend, I’ve been one busy lady.

The trade show was a new experience for me, I’d been to the Kölnmesse before last October when I went to Photokina (the biggest Photo based trade show in Europe, once every two years) for the first time – I’m already looking forward to the next one! At this trade show though, we were positioned next to some friendly guys from Cornwall that were there with their company Konfidence. These guys were pros, with a stand that had been custom made to them and TV screens built into it and everything. I was secretly really pleased as I’d been looking for a floaty vest for my adventure loving, deep end jumping Maia. We were planning to get one from the UK next time we were there, but just hadn’t got round to it. For any other mum out there in Basel looking for one of these, they have an online shop. They are great products and there is everything for newborn baby suits to toddler jackets and shoes (great for being in the Rhine in) and ontop of that, they are really nice guys.

The Konfidence guys weren’t the only new friends we made. I was talking to the lovely Tania from Ella & Otto for quite a while too. It was inspiring to see all the products that she had and the wonderful business she has created on top of also being mummy to 4 little lovelies – I bet you can name two of them! She has designed some of the most yummy fabrics I’ve seen and has a wonderful set of collections for little ones, including an organic range. I fell in love with the kimono pyjamas and just had to get a little melmo (elephant) rattle for my little maia. They are her favourite animal at the zoo. Although London based, she also has an online shop if you’d like any of her beautiful products. Then Tania’s show neighbours were actually staying at the same hotel as we were (small world, huh). We all joined forces and made the journey together to the after show party that was included in the exhibitor price. It was quite an event. A view of the Rhine, with the cathedral lit up on the other side of the water and no, I didn’t have my camera with me. The food was pretty yummy though and the free drinks were very welcome after 3 days of the show.

Other funky finds included the plush toadstool stool that I managed to take home as my newest prop, a tree house kids bed, a beautiful writing desk from TimKid that I would love to get for Maia as her Christmas present this year, especially given her aptitude for drawing (she’s been drawing the best faces lately, even adding noses, ears and hair!). We also all fell in love with the Baghera cars that were exhibiting on the same floor as us, so much so that Bellefiore have become agents, so if you were stuck on what to buy your toddler/child this christmas then perhaps you need look no more.

So, that leads me to the bit where I post some of my pictures. As the title of the post suggests, I’m missing my girl. Having spent a week away from her last week and then fitting in 4 photoshoots over the last 4 days, now she is in the UK with her daddy visiting her brand new little cousin, Bella (who looks remarkably similar to Maia as a newborn). Mummy (me) is staying at home in order to have uninterrupted time to catch up on everything before they are back Thursday evening. To all of you that have waited longer than I would have liked for your proofs or a reply to an email, I apologise. The next few days should rectify this and get me back in pole position. I was happy to get the wedding slideshow out for Aima and Markus today. I have just put the phone down from a lovely thanks you message. It’s so wonderful being able to give people beautiful images to help keep memories alive. Today, I have been a little bit selfish too though. I took Maia out for a photo walk the night before last and I spent a little time editing them today. It was so lovely to be looking at her lovely little face when she is a whole plane ride away. The colours are already making me feel autumny. Here they are. Miss you little Maia, I hope you are not wearing your grandparents out too much! xxx