Monthly Archives: November 2009

The first time that I saw Maia’s little cousin was the day we arrived in Sheffield last week. Here are some of the first piccies I’ve taken of her. It was dark and all these were taken at quite high ISO’s – thank goodness for RAW!

Isn’t she a beauty 🙂

This was so much fun! One of my Bump 2 Babe families decided to wear their Halloween costume for our 6 month shoot. It was fabulous to see them all dressed up as the characters from Little Red Riding Hood. Mum had been busy making these fabulous costumes and they just all looked great. It was perfect along the Rhine too with all the autumn leaves.

Here is an artography image from our shoot, followed by Little red riding hood, the wolf in Grandma’s clothing showing what big teeth she has and both of them being read their favourite story:


I’ve not been feeling too well and anything that takes too many of my brain cells has not been the best course of action for me lately. With so much to do though and a seemingly never ending ‘to-do’ list, what is a girl to do?


Mostly in my pyjamas with warm socks on I’ve been busy doing a bit of sewing the past few days in order to keep busy and feel productive without hurting my head too much (or my eyes looking at the computer screen).

Ideal for newborn gifts, these baby blankets are super stylish and more or less unique. All handmade, mostly all different, these blankets have been lovingly crafted by me, for you. Not only for babies, these blankets are great to sleep under for squirmy toddlers (at home or on the go – perfect for traveling). Plus, they make great backdrops for pictures of your sweet one. I’ve even had some big people asking about them and inquiring into larger sizes being made (watch this space!).

Hop on over to my sutecchi | stitch site to see what there is available and mail me through the ‘Contact Me’ section at the top of the page if you are interested in making a purchase.

All blankets come gift wrapped.

I’ve been taking pictures of this little boy since he was a month old. I’ve seen him grow from a dark haired newborn, to a smiley baby into a blond curly haired toddler. So much fun! This is the last of our three sessions. Thank you for sharing your first year with me. It’s been a pleasure.