Monthly Archives: November 2009

~ Baby Bella ~

The first time that I saw Maia’s little cousin was the day we arrived in Sheffield last week. Here are some ofView full post »

~ Little Red Riding Hood (part II) ~

This was so much fun! One of my Bump 2 Babe families decided to wear their Halloween costume for our 6 month shoot.View full post »

~ More Sutecchi Blankets made ~

I’ve not been feeling too well and anything that takes too many of my brain cells has not been the best course ofView full post »

~ Watching him grow ~

I’ve been taking pictures of this little boy since he was a month old. I’ve seen him grow from a darkView full post »

~ Finishing off what we started ~

What a beautiful journey. This lovely mummy came to see me three times before giving birth to her gorgeous little boy.View full post »

~ Little Miss L ~

This is from our last session together from our Meet Me More package. It has been a complete pleasure working with youView full post »

~ Little Miss K ~

Due to each of us taking a turn at being ill in our house, there has been a bit of a backlog and delay with my workView full post »

~ Operation Smile ~

Some of you know this and perhaps others don’t, but our daughter, Maia was born with a cleft palate. We foundView full post »