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I love year long clients and getting to see their little people grow in the first year. This little girl is no exception. The first images show how much she has grown since our newborn session compared to her little bunny. I hope you’ve all had a super wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2010. Looking forward to our next session already.

Such a sweetheart:


With lots of strength and curiousity too:



Having known Razel now since the very beginning of my photography business (about 2 years now – we met at a Womens Entrepreneurial meeting with the PWG) she just *knew* that I was going to be the chosen photographer for her wedding day. Totally flattered, of course I accepted. This wedding has had quite a number of dates, this being the third and final date and one that was quite short notice to the majority of her guests. I was both a guest and at work for this gorgeous occasional – it felt very strange getting so glammed up for a shoot and at such an early time in the morning, but it was totally worth it.

I met the beautiful bride to be at HairSign near the Rhine for getting ready photos. I must say that the salon were very good with us all and let us take over half the salon on a working day. It was a beautifully light place to take the preparation photos:

Then it was a quick dash to the Three Kings to catch our taxi’s and meet up with the groom at the wedding ceremony:

That was the end of the ceremony, we took some group piccies and had a little home-made apero in the garden. We then all made our way to board the Rhy-taxi and had a little cruise on the Rhine before it dropped us off at the Three Kings for a deluxe break in the afternoon. It was just gorgeous with all the Christmas decorations. The evening was spent at Rossini’s where we enjoyed another refreshing apero and a scrumptious 5 course dinner with a very special break in the middle. We all got our coats back on and headed to Schutzenmatt Park to release balloons into the sky.

It was a really wonderful day and I was so very honoured to spend it with you. I’ll add a second part with more pictures once they are done. For now, enjoy your well awaited sneak preview. xx

I planned to blog this before Christmas, but just didn’t have time. Here it is now.. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day!


My camera lately seems to have another set of paw prints all over it – those of my little girl, Maia.

She is getting more interested in taking pictures and often picks up her famous pink toy camera. When we were in Dusseldorf for the day we visited a camera shop and bought two disposable cameras – one for mummy and one for Maia. I’ve scanned a couple of the piccies in to show you, mine are on the left and Maia’s on the right:

It was funny to see how Maia wanted to take a lot of pictures of the same thing, I guess that’s learning from a mummy playing with digital. It was a challenge to get her only take one and move on. It was good to reflect on the preciousness of film. Inevitably, our 24 shots were taken before we knew it, but it was definitely a fun way to spend a day together.

This is an image that Maia took of me the other day with my big camera. It’s a little unnerving giving her full control of my lovely Canon, but with a macro lens attached, I can still at least be close enough to hold the lens. Image was recovered in Photoshop with the help of Florabella actions and textures. I’d highly recommend them if you are interested in playing with your images a bit.

And one of my favourite Christmas pictures from last year:

On a side note, Maia’s daycare breaks up on Friday 18th December and thus, so do I. I will be resuming my office days on the Monday 4th January. Remember to keep a check on my website for changes in the new year. I look forward to all the pictures we’ll be taking together.


Additionally, here are a few more piccies a couple of days before Christmas when I had another day to myself with my little monkey, who likes to jump on the bed! Had to share them because they make me smile.

My last photoshoot of the year and what a little cutie. This little lady was born last Thursday and I managed to get to see her earlier today. I have just uploaded her premium birth announcement slideshow and have sent the link to her happy parents. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas together, your little girl is a total sweetie-pie.