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It’s always lovely to see past clients again. This gorgeous little girl was 6 months old last time we took photos together. This time she is awaiting the arrival of her little brother.

We had a lovely little shoot with it snowing outside to commemorate this special time, including grandparents too. I’ll be going back after baby is born for some more. I’m already looking forward to it! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy and your second birth. Enjoy your sneak preview:

Hello baby:




Fun with Grandpa!


Thoughtful and contemplative:


For those of the fainthearted, please avert your eyes now..

There have been some very lucky men smiling privately to themselves here in Basel lately. All of which have now received their own gorgeous albums from their loving ladies. Here is a sneak peek at what I’ve been up to when I am not taking pictures of gorgeous snuggly newborns and happy families.

If anyone is interested in having their very own Boudoir session, please let me know. It’s a great experience for anyone – fun, sexy and beautiful. I think these three ladies would agree.

Happy Valentines’ Day everyone. Happy Chinese New Year too. It’s the year of the tiger – Grrr..!




There are some amazing newborn photographers out there and I am continually inspired by the likes of Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall of Baby As Art and also sisters, Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver, both pairs both offer Newborn Posing workshops. One day, I’d love to attend one. Kelley made the head on hands pose famous and I’ve been looking forward to the right newborn baby to help me get my own version.

I had this little lovely for the afternoon after already doing the birth announcement images the week before. This time, all I was really after was this pose. Done best (after all my research) on a very sleepy baby. Well, sleep was the last thing on Little Miss M’s mind. Still, with a little help, a lot of patience and a quick trigger finger, we did it! Enjoy the most thoughtful baby in the world:

IMG_2450-Edit copy

So, I live in Basel, Switzerland. Although it is very pretty, a good size, cultural, close to a number of great transports and on the border of France and Germany it doesn’t have the a-typical mountains and lakes that you think of when you think of Switzerland. I distinctly remember flying in for my interview over 4 years ago and feeling quite disappointed. Well, lucky for me, I have great clients that do live in those idyllic mountain retreats. My computer told me it would take 90 mins, so I allowed 2 hours. I had my detailed map printed, packed the car and off I set – at a very early hour. My first hour of driving was in the dark still. I like those kind of drives.

I was headed toward Schwyz and got the impression I was no longer on the right road. The scenery around me was amazing. I took the opportunity to take a snap and call my photo-ready family to get back on track. This is what I was surrounded by:

IMG_2476 copy

Seconds later a *huge* bus came steaming by and covered me head to toe in icy slush. It was very cold. And wet.

*deep breath*

Brush self down and get in the car for a U-turn and hopefully a quick rest of the journey. I was an hour late and experienced my first ever sliding car on ice. In the end this worked out quite well for my supermodel as it allowed her a little nap and she was on fine form. Thank you all for being so patient with me. I really should get myself a GPS.

I had a great time and want to just say that I also thoroughly enjoyed both listening to the strumming of an acoustic guitar throughout our session. There is one talented daddy here. Sleepy Eddie James. So, here are a few images from the shoot:

Those gorgeous big eyes:
IMG_2781-Edit-Edit copy

I’m a big girl mummy, let me read you a story:

Finding her tickle spot after a little snack (and a beautiful mummy/daughter moment):

And one of the family in their lovely Swiss home. Can you see them up there on the balcony?