Monthly Archives: March 2010

This little girl was just happy to stay inside her mummy’s belly, 11 days after her due date she arrived and I got the greatest job of showcasing this new little beauty to the world. I turn my Premium Birth Announcements round the same day I took the pictures, so these are fresh from this morning and now their family have a beautiful private slideshow to share with friends and family welcoming their little girl into the world.

It was a pleasure. Enjoy her!

It was probably just gas, but we got a great smile too:

This lovely little boy was good as gold for me this morning. Just look at that happy little dimpled face..

And those lips…

Just love the details:

Those lovely blue eyes:

Finishing with some feet:

Being assigned the task of recording a family together is actually a pretty great job. It’s great to go back to family homes and set up by gear again, but with slightly older children and in this case a brand new addition. We had a great time and I even got quite a bit of artistic direction from big sister!

Here is the happy family:

Mummy with her third little baby:

A bit of time being the only one photographed:

And all three kids together, such a sweet family: