Monthly Archives: April 2010

No mice here though – apart from the ones connected to my computers! Of which one is magic.

It’s been a bit quiet at CPP for the last week or so – on the blogging front at least. There are at least two new blog posts to put up, and a few more sessions to still edit, but due to a prolonged period of being under the weather, I have been forced to take it easy for a little bit; look after myself and get better again. This has inevitably led to rescheduling of shoots too, so thanks for being so understanding to those involved.

I think part of being so symptomatic could be my body now suffering from hayfever. Not good when part of my job involves roaming around outside in pretty fields chasing little people and their families with my camera.

As most things come in packs, I’ve also had some major computer changes to make and as ever these things seem to create problems at times and take a lot longer to sort out than expected.

If you are a client waiting to hear back from me, please continue to be patient. I will be up and running in full swing and smoother than ever very soon. I hope.


I’ve been waiting quite a long time to meet this little cheeky fella and it was well worth the wait. He was ready and rearing to go from the start and in true boy style just kept going and going and going. Lots of giggles and a nice roam around the very beautiful Wenkenhof park. He just has the most infectious cheeky happy face.

Exploring in the sun:

Quiet time with mummy:

And that adorable little face:

I really love dogs. I look forward to the day when I can have another to join me in my life adventures. I had a little West Highland terrier named Benji when I was a little girl and I still have the fondest memories of him. This family had not only the most gorgeous little boy but an equally gorgeous little girl doggie named Coco.

We started the photoshoot by heading in to wake up the little superstar. He wakes up happy! Soo cute. Both him and his doggie sister welcomed me with open arms for the two hours of play and photos we enjoyed. It involved finding bugs in the garden and spiders, escaping into the neighbours garden and playing peek-a-boo behind the bed.

Thanks for such a fun session – mum and dad too! Enjoy your sneak peek of images.

Waking up happy:

Coco and her blankie (a sheepskin rug):

Escaping with Coco:

Happy family: