Monthly Archives: May 2010

This family were one of my very first clients way back at the beginning of 2008. Maia and I was in the same Gymboree class with their eldest and her mummy. A while back they left sunny Switzerland to go and live back in the UK. We planned a shoot last time we were passing through, but an 8 hour delay on the ferry thwarted our plans. This time I made it (although sadly without Maia) to have a little catch up and play with their second little daughter.

It was so much fun seeing you all again. Thanks for having me stay for night and insisting that I be the only one to take pictures of your girls. They were so adorable.

So hard keeping an 18 month old still:

Sisterly love:

Time flies so fast. I can remember clearly the day that I went to the hospital to take pictures of this little lady days after she was born. My first year long contract with a family has finally come to a close. I really love how these shoots come together over a year and am looking forward to putting the album together showcasing all the fun we’ve had together since I first met this little lady as a very compact little bump in her mummy’s tummy. Just look at her now. Little people grow so fast and the personality that grows with them is simply amazing.

Now and then:

Look at me, I’m walking!

That cheeky little tongue:

Celebrations for all the family:

This was a very special shoot. My very good friend from University recently had a baby, she was kind enough to let me stay at her place in London whilst I was attending the SWPP London Convention earlier in Jan. She wasn’t there because she had moved up North (near to where we studied together) and was preparing to have her little baby boy. It was a pleasure taking these pictures for you as a thank you. I’m just sorry it’s taken me so long to get them up for you – I bet the little babe is just so much bigger than this now. I hope we don’t leave it as long to see each other again.

Thanks so much P for always being such a wonderful, true and unconditional friend. I love you lots and lots. xxx

Here are your beautiful boys: