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Another great photoshoot with one of my most photographed little girls. The day of her birthday party we met up in a small local park for some conker collecting, peek-a-boo and a little visit from one of her best friends. It was a fun morning and this little madam kept me on my toes. Good job I have high energy levels.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday party later that day, so sorry Maia and I couldn’t make it.

What I mostly have to keep up with a lot of time in my job:

A moment of stillness. Beautiful:

I think Autumn is on it’s way:

Giggles with mummy:

Friends forever:

This path following the Rhine is one that is well known to this family – what better place then to have our photoshoot. Only those with kids can understand that it really took almost our whole session to walk from one bridge to the next! It’s not a long distance really, but with two very active little ones and a ‘nice photograper lady’ wielding a large camera, it really did!

I was really looking forward to seeing this family again, they are always a pleasure to take photos with. It was really lovely to see how much the little girl had grown. My best memories of her were at only a few days old when I took pictures of her in the hospital. Time certainly flies, as she’s grown up quite a bit since then.

I think I’ll start with the budding model in the family – can’t you just see this being used in a Gap marketing campaign:

And his free-loving sister. This gleeful arm swing happened moments after she kissed and hugged a tree – too cute:

Strolling with daddy:

Beautiful big eyes:

Family in Basel:

I must say, I was quite excited to be travelling by plane to take photos at this beautiful wedding in London. This gorgeous bride was a bridesmaid at a the first wedding I was officially trying out wedding photography at. I wasn’t the official photographer at that wedding, but my images clearly made an impact.

I arrived at the bride’s house in time to get some getting ready photos and then the vintage taxi pulled up to ferry the bridesmaids to the church before returning for the bride. The wedding party just all looked absolutely stunning. The ceremony was really quite beautiful and then after confetti throwing all the guests boarded a big red london bus and the bride and groom where whisked off to drink champagne in their vintage taxi.

After a little detour to Regents park for a couple of shots the rest of the evening was spent at the splendid Chandos House. Impeccably set out and just a great place for a beautiful party. I hope you both had an amazing wedding day and honeymoon together and I look forward to sending you a link to your slideshow soon.

The gorgeous bride:

Details from the day:

The charming flower girls:

Man and Wife:

Yesterday evening I recieved an email that made my mouth water. It told me and many others that there were going to be LilliMoo cupcakes on the market place in Basel this Friday morning and at least the next two. Happy for my lovely friend Emma and always ready to show my appreciation for her fabulous cooking I took myself for a little break to pick up some ‘essentials’.

At first I walked right past and was worried that she had already sold out and packed up, but a better look and I found her beautiful stall. The Ginger Zing cupcakes had all gone – the ones I had my taste buds prepped for, so I opted for a box of 4. Two Citrus Zing’s, a Velveteen Bourbon and a Bourbon Bloom (vanilla cake with rosewater infused whipped buttercream). I can tell you that half a day later, I only have one cupcake left and I’m saving that for after my dinner.

Always beautifully presented Emma’s stand was very inviting and whilst I was briefly there at her stall, nearly all the cupcakes that were left disappeared. If you missed out this week, make sure you put an alarm on your phone or something to make sure you are there next week. Even better, I overheard customers asking to call in advance to have cakes put to one side until collection.

Here is a little slideshow of Emma’s LilliMoo debut at Marktplatz. I hope you’ve had a relaxing afternoon: