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I must admit that it was actually pretty amazing that I even managed to turn up to this session. I had left the house without my phone, so I had no way to contact them or call a friend to direct me to the right location and on top of that I only had the last part of the map printed out to show me where they lived (and in my head it was a different road to what it actually was). Not to let such small things get in my way, I followed my instincts and ended up finding my destination. As luck would have it, the kiddie-winks had been having a nap anyway and were only just coming round to being awake again as I got there. Perfect!

A lovely cup of tea later – thank you for that, I think I needed it! – we were ready to get on with our shoot. There was no need to go very far, there was a wonderfully lit barn out the back where we set up the mini studio and a great garden with apple trees in the back. Ideal. I love it when a location just screams out for me to take pictures at it and I would hire mum for her keen trips back to the house for different outfits for the kids.

The little girl had just turned one and was really keen on trying to walk everywhere, I should imagine she actually is now. The little boy was just charming and cheeky – just as boys should be. Thanks for a great session!

kisses from mummy in the studio:

And of course a very regal portrait of the feline member of the family:

Baby steps:

Enjoying the freshly fallen apples:

Just chillin’:

And a happy Halloween to everyone this weekend (don’t the colours all go great together here!):

Sometimes I really do not know where the time goes. This family were one of my earliest clients and I took pictures of this beautiful little girl when she was 2. Now she has a little brother and he is now 2! It was the first time I had met him and he was just adorable. Full of smiles and energy, just like his big sister. We even had some special time at the end of the session with just him, which is always nice.

Beautiful bright colours:

Love the detail shots:

I just love the giggle face on this little charmer:


Me getting poked with a stick!

Another gorgeous day in the park. Another lovely little subject who was just perfect throughout her session. One of my year long clients celebrating her first year. I’d seen the blue flowers in the park the day before and had taken some pictures with the little boy in the previous session and I was happy to have another opportunity to use them. The colours just suit this little girl so well. Aren’t they divine!

Arriving by bicycle:

The beautiful blue flowers:

Gorgeous Autumn colours, what a perfect outfit!

Ready for winter, what a doll!

I love it when a session really keeps me on my toes. I tried all the tricks with this one, but he was one independent little soul. It’s not the first time he’s had me working hard on a shoot either! His mummy is a bit of a photographer herself, so I knew that she would appreciate how hard it is to get a good shot sometimes, also just to have everyone together.

Sometimes, just taking a step back and capturing a little person just being who they are is the best way. I think we did a great job. I think he thinks so too – look at that cute little ‘horray’

He sure loves his ball!