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When I say big brown eyes, I really mean it! Look at this absolutely handsome little fella. I was also happy to see that he also had a big brother in the form of a West Highland Terrier. I used to have one of these doggies when I was a little girl and I can’t help but go a bit mushy and give these dogs lots of affection when I come across them. This little one was called Rascal, his twin, Mischeif (too cute!) had passed a few years ago, but I was happy to see that in the office there was a big canvas of them together. My little doggie was called Benji and I still think of him often.

So, back to this adorable little boy who was just melting my heart the whole session. As it’s often realised, the expat world can transpire to actually be a bit of a small one. The first thing he did was show me a book that he loved. I recognised it – it is a book that my daughter also loves – ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, a gift from an amazing friend. It so happened that his version was from that exact same friend – the amazing Jane Fairclough (who is nearly set to officially announce her Baby Carer services – more on that later). We all realised this about a few days earlier when Jane had been to visit this family for lunch. It made for the whole session feeling just that little bit more familiar and comfortable.

Now for those sneak peak images. Playing with his train set:

Perfect little toes:

More of those beautiful eyes:

And the long long eyelashes:


Finally, for now, the full happy family. I had lots of fun with you all and hope you enjoyed it all as much as I did, I look forward to seeing you again soon:

I’m happy that the autumn colours have lasted as long as they have, especially with the colourings of this family and one little boy in particular – he was made for autumn! It seems there has been a bold colour theme here and what better to showcase two gorgeous little boys.

I’m happy we managed to find each other for this shoot too, in the sea of clients and shoots and edits and emails and more, both mummy and I had completely forgotton to exchange where the family home was located! I was frantically calling anyone that I thought might know this family and even names in the online directory that had the same surname. Luckily there were only two to call and fortunately the guys that I called all found it funny that I had the wrong number *phew*. Morale of the story – always ask for the address!! It’s a good job they were only down the road.

Thanks for showing me a new park and being such a fun loving family to photograph. See you soon for your viewing evening.

Autumn boy:

His big cheeked little brother (I have this shot with the eyelashes in focus too, but the juicy lips won out and I have a big soft spot for such big cheeks as Maia’s were exactly the same):

Happy in the yellow leaves:

Sharing giggles (or laughing at silly dad behind my back):

Leaf fight!! (or snack):

Colours have faded down now for a beautiful family portrait on the bridge:

Seeing as I am on a blogging mission tonight, here are a few images of Maia I took in the park the other day and one from a month or so back in Germany. All in her gorgeous coat that just suits the Autumn colours beautifully.

This first one is in Germany on the way back from Photokina. For all those parents that think I have a perfect model, I often get poses like this when I lift my camera towards her. Still cute though:

Usually I have to resort to asking her if she can see a bird or playing peek-a-boo:

Or just giggling and laughing a lot, because she nearly always just joins in. She even just asks for us to laugh sometimes – my happy girl:

And a rare one of us together. This is her ‘forced’ smile and I had to bribe her to do this and then was quite scared of dropping my big camera on our faces! :

I just love these types of photos (can you tell with Maia and the pink camera?).

Another two from my latest wedding – look at that stance!

And taken through the legs (his picture probably isn’t the most flattering!