Monthly Archives: December 2010

I’m fighting for time right now, in such a rush to get client work out and prepare for the holidays. However, I wanted to continue on this colour and texture journey with Marta Locklear, so here is the second instalment of purple. Maia helped me this time, running round the flat letting me know where there was some purple. I’m not the neatest nail painter, so excuse the bad polish application – at least it added some texture!

I am always keen to see any new blog post by the amazingly talented photographer, Marta Locklear. She has a beautiful way with light and is incredibly organic and driven. Never one to be idle, in the inevitable downtime that the festive holidays bring (after a crazy run up to that same time) she has set herself a creative mission and invited others to join her. I am a little late in contributing to the first challenge, but here are my images focussed on the colour brown and texture. I hope in the next few days to take some more images that fit into her second challenge of texture with the colour purple.

Here are my browns:

I live right next to the zoo: