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As a photographer, there aren’t that many times in the year that I have to take holidays, or little breaks away. I’d been looking forward to heading to Whitehall Farm in Devon for about six months. Back in March last year a little baby was born and I took pictures for a Premium Birth Announcement. After that session a family shoot was booked in just before this family upped and left Switzerland to go and live with mum’s parents on a farm in Devon, UK. The little boy in this family and my little girl are pretty much the same age, there being only a month between them. The last few weeks that this family were in Basel, we took advantage of the outdoor pools in Basel, at which time the pair got to know each other a little better.

Reunited on the farm they had lots of fun together and are already looking forward to seeing each other again in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and hopefully Winter. I plan to head on over for all seasons to create a catalogue of images for the farm over the course of a year. This is a massive lifestyle change, to which this family seem to have fit very comfortably into. It’s an amazingly well run and tidy farm. I was really very impressed and loved being there the time I was. David and Lyn have done an amazing job with it over the past 20 years. The Gotland sheep don’t make an appearance in this post, but these photos were all taken at the farm as well.

On top of the farm life, mum has come from a great career as an Architect, working on some amazing projects such as the De Young Museum in San Fransisco. The Farm currently has two holiday cottages that are let out throughout the year. Over time, expect to see a couple more holiday lets appear that will be nothing short of spectacular. With a location like this and a design mind like hers, I just can’t wait to see what develops.

But for now, here are the little ones as they were most of the time, holding hands:

Maia feeding the chickens:

Maia meeting a horsey:

Catching up with the kiddos:

This little one has grown lots since I last saw her:

Kicking around a ball in the yard – I had no idea Maia’s ball skills were so great!

Smut, the farm doggie:

The dead oak in one of the fields:

Arriving at the local beach with a trilogy of colours against the blue sky:
On the local beach, where Maia got a boot full of sea water when we got a bit too close to a big wave:

My first shoot of 2011 took me just over the border to France. I like it just over the border here, in just a few minutes it’s a completely different setting, with colourful houses and just a different feel to the space. I really love all the old barns.

I arrived at this lovely little cottage and this little girl was a complete doll for me. I was super happy to be able to use my new Gotland sheepskin, which this little lady just loved! I think she was the most happy snuggled into the soft frazzles of the sheep wool. Mum and dad were great sports too, it was really lovely spending a good portion of the day with you and also meeting not only your beautiful little girl, but all your animals too. The brown horsey nose at the end of these images was the one that gave me quite an impressive ear/cheek nuzzle/kiss. A first for me!

So, to the little beauty:

A very regal looking kitty cat:

My horsey affection giver:

Mummy’s first baby:

This was a special little session. I was really looking forward to meeting this little man after hearing all about him for a long time. I don’t think I have even seen my friend so excited when she told me that her little girl was expecting her first baby. Mummy, daddy and their baby boy were visiting for Christmas and I popped by with my camera for a few photos, a catch up, a spot of lunch and some snuggles. Such a cutie, I could have played with him all day. I love how he has a little bit of hair sticking up in the middle – just like my little one did when she was a baby.

At first I thought I would take pictures of our quite large rabbits – donkey and monkey for this challenge, but then I realised that I would be going to the beautiful Whitehall Farm in Devon soon and I thought the possibilities that awaited me there might make good material. I was right. Whitehall Farm have the biggest breeding flock of Gotland Sheep in the UK. They are absolutely beautiful creatures, as you will see. They are all incredibly friendly too and their fleece is to die for (no dye necessary here as the colours just speak for themselves). I was even lucky enough to bring one soft skin back with me to add to my prop collection.

So, my take on something fluffy was the textural wool of these sheep. I was lucky enough to be able to take these photos whilst the sheep were having their fleeces shaven off, in preparation for the lambing season. There will be another post soon with more about the farm and our little adventure there, but for now, just the challenge images:

The fleece after the sheep had been shawn:

A freshly shaved set of sheepies!

Love the white spot on top of her head: