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This little girl is such a smiley little wonder.  I met her as a very round baby bump in her mummy’s tummy and then again after she was born for a Premium Birth Announcement.  This was a really quick little session at my place to celebrate her 6 month birthday.  The day fell on one of my ‘weekend’ days with my own little girl, so we planned a little playdate/photo session.  My little one is not so keen on sharing me very much these days, so I was unsure how it was going to go, but it was fine.  She was even pushing me out of the way at one point so that she could take a pictures herself with her little camera!

We didn’t take many, so here are just a few.  After we all went for lunch in a lovely little Italian cafe in Gundeli.  All in all, a very lovely day.  Lovely to see you again little miss smiley.  I look forward to being there for when you turn 1 and hopefully see you without my camera before then!

I have a friend that travels a fair amount – with work and not with work. Many moons ago at a little get together, she was very interested in learning more about the camera I then had (Canon 30D). I gave her my recommendations and on a trip to the US, she just went for it – bought a good deal of gear and just jumped straight into to DSLR photography. I showed her a few things in Lightroom and she was one of my first students when I ran my Landscape Course. The rest, as they say, is history!

Since then, we get together when we can to geek out about camera gear, I ooh and ahh over her amazing landscapes from all over the world and secretly I was quite envious of all her trips and beautiful scenes that flashed her sensor. Then earlier last year she asked if I wanted to go to Marrakesh with her for a few days to take pictures. Erm, let me think about that for a second…. YES! Easy jet had just started to fly there, there were cheap flights and the plan was to go at a time where the Christmas rush for me should have slowed down.

I was there! And so excited!

Many photographers will know that going on holiday with family – i.e. non photographers, can be quite hard. You want to take more pictures than you feel you can. You need to balance spending time with the family with exploring new spaces through your lens. I think if you are a photographer – or keen on photography, going on a holiday that is purely intended to be for photography is a great idea. Not only was Marrakesh an amazingly beautiful place full of colours and textures and smells, it was just so much fun to be on a photography holiday.

We went at the beginning of December last year and I’ve only just got round to editing my pictures, but here are a few shots. On another trip I’d like to focus more on portraits, but when I went, I was more interested in texture and colour.

This little boy was an absolute charmer. By the end of our session, I think he had concluded I wasn’t too bad myself – he was crawling up to me and giving me some snuggles, which is always a lovely way to end a session. He did amazingly well too. Normally the babes that are around 9 months old fall into nap time by the end of our sessions, but this one was far too interested in what was going on and didn’t want to miss a second.

Mum and dad were brilliant too. As the little one was flagging at the end, dad (who works with kids himself) was doing a super fab job of running around behind me and even straight around and into the picture for some smiley family shots! Let me know if you ever want to volunteer as my assistant!

Thanks for keeping me on my toes and a lovely, unexpectedly warm and sunny afternoon. Here are a few sneak peeks from your session, look at that smile:

Family fun and smiles, a warm family portrait:

A bit of eyelash love:

Outside enjoying some rays from the sun:

And what I saw a lot of at the beginning of our session – this is one active and curious little boy:

Firstly, I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone. I’m working on how it is best to showcase these types of images without mixing them too much with my regular family friendly images. I’m talking about boudoir images – sensual, flattering, feel good portraits for women (and perhaps also their men!).

At a recent wedding that I was photographing, I was sat next to a guy that with a couple of his friends owns a photography studio located in South Germany. We kept in touch after the wedding to try and work out a time when I could go and visit and see what they were up to over there. With my weekends booking up fast I headed out last weekend whilst I had the time. It was well worth it – great space! I felt like a kid in the best playroom ever there. Not only was I treated like a VIP, they had also arranged a lovely girl to come and play with me to test out the space for boudoir type images.

I conclude that is is a great space for Boudoir pictures! The studio is located a few hours away from Basel though, but if there were a bunch of girls interested in this, then we could organise a minibus and make a day of it. I am not going to post too many images and mostly ones that are less revealing. We had a great white background set, a black room, wallpapered section with lovely chairs, slatted blinds, natural light window and a cast iron bed. Loads of options and combinations! There was even a white vespa which looked great on the white background.

I’ve already got some great plans for more of this work this year. We can work 1:1 in your own home, I’ve also worked in groups – something to get excited about with your girlfriends – the planning, the shopping, the actual day having mates to giggle with and of course share the bubbly with! Other options other than the studio might include working with hotels and making a day of it with individuals or small groups. The options are endless.. Expect more on this topic this year, in the meantime here are some piccies: