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I’ve never seen so many amazing pairs of eyes in one family. Gorgeous long dark lashes and beautifully coloured eyes on everybody! I’d met mum and the youngest two before and thought they had amazing eyes, just like their mum – then I met dad and I can totally see where all the kids get it from – a combination of both.

Take a look at these:

Here is the eldest with the youngest:

Pair three great looking kids with an amazingly friendly doggy – that was so keen to be a part of the action, sometimes sitting herself down right in front of me like she wanted to help – and a garden that is refered to as a park from some of the kids’ friends and we have an ideal setting for a shoot. The very friendly little doggie being given lots of love from everyone:

Then a walk down the road to the most amazing trail under the shading trees:

I arrived at this family’s house and found we were going to take a walk up to the Wasserturn and the Dinosaur. Last time I was up there, I didn’t see any Dianosaur?! The boys were very happy to show it to me and mum explained that it was on loan to the park from the Natural History Museum in town. Cool! Here he is:

We played in and around his legs and the light was just lovely and there were lots of fields of long grass. It was getting the two little boys to stay still or go anywhere I suggested. We managed to get lots of lovely pictures though, despite our language barriers (kids didn’t speak English and my Swiss German is ropey at best). They thought I was funny though and I won them over when I produced a snack from my bag (remains of my breakfast).

Here are the lovely boys playing in the trees:

Aren’t they adorable! Here they are together:

And finally, a couple of everyone together. Thanks for a fun morning and introducing me to your neighbourhood pet:

This session was almost the exact shoot, but in reverse of this family the previous week, including shots by the same sign, the same swings and the same tram. However, no shoot is ever the same. You can go to the exact same places and try and take similar pictures, but they will always be personal to the family and unique.

Another family that will be missed, they are moving on to Singapore in a couple of months time. I am honoured to be able to create some memories for you of your Basel.

Here is their beautiful little girl, who stands her own very well against her two older brothers. Clearly very comfortable in front of a camera:

The middle brother, full of smiles:

And the eldest brother, equally at ease with the camera, looking rather cool:

The boys and their adorable freckles:

The girls having a giggle:

Finally, a shot I’ve been hoping to get for a while. Needing a slow shutter speed, I also needed everyone to be still, but we managed it. I’m very happy! I particularly love the grafiti in the bottom right hand corner too. Perfect:

Thanks for a lovely morning and I wish you all the best with your move and next stage in life.

This Swiss family living in Luzern were one of my first clients a few years back. Then, they only had one little boy. It was a pleasure to go back and take pictures of their latest little boy. They had moved house and the view they have is spectacular. I don’t think I could paint a better picture – forests at the sides, leading into the place they live, narrowing into the pool of water that is Lake Luzern and finally the beautiful backdrop of mountains. What a place to grow up!

I was pretty impressed by how similar the two boys look at the same age. I probably wouldn’t have recognised the eldest any more though, he has grown into a very energetic little monkey:

I loved the little one’s neckerchief/dribble catcher. A nice bright red and white polka dot (the colour not so obvious in this B&W image):

Here they are all together – very well co-ordinated, with Papi wearing the same shirt from our session before. Quite understandable as it suits him so well:

Having just been away where there had been a cowboy dress-up code, the eldest took the opportunity to show me how much it suited him:

Finally, after an action packed couple of hours keeping everyone happy both boys crashed out for a lovely nap, here”s the youngest, who loved to sleep in the fresh mountain air on the balcony:

And last, but not least, Luna, their West Highland Terrier. I had one of these when I was younger and it was great to see her again and give her a tummy rub: