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I have been photographing this little girl since she was born. I love getting to hang out with her lovely family. This time was no exception and our timing was perfect – as soon as we wrapped up, the heavens opened.

I was introduced to Wenkenpark by another client and have held a few shoots up there now. It’s a great open park that is not very often overcrowded – which tends to please my families. There is also a lovely little cafe up there which is a great place to stop at the end of a busy shoot.

Our little lady is reallly growing. Last time she was walking whilst holding hands and was perfect for photography as she pretty much stayed where you put her. This time, she is on her feet and just loves running around, running after a ball and swinging on swings. She is seriously kind too, picking daisies and happily running around to everyone to share them – me included – I felt honoured.

Here she is:

Sunday morning and I am cycling down through town to the Rhine, it’s fresh, it’s not too warm and it’s not too busy. Life is good!

Another well-loved family is leave Basel to move onto the next phase in their life and I’m happy to be able to take some location photos for them before they leave. The Rhine ferries are quite special in Basel and are often a popular choice as a photoshoot activity. The little boy started out a little shy, not even looking at me and quite quickly swung completely the other way. This pictures kind of summarises him up I think:

He is the middle child, with an older sister and a little baby brother. Both older siblings were so sweet holding their 8 week old baby brother:

Here is a more serene portrait of the eldest, a girl with two younger brothers – just like me.

We even got some giggles from the baby. He was just sweet and adorable. I got to have a nice little cuddle with him too and he was coo-ing away contently. Babies smell so good!

We went on a trip back and forth on the ferry, one way we had the whole thing to ourselves, which was nice. Then the baby fell asleep with his protective siblings, I think he was sneaking a little look here to see if I was still there snapping away:

Finally, an arty picture of the Rhine ferry at the Munster. Very Basel:

Enjoy your new adventures the other side of the pond.

I knew that this family would have a beautifully styled shoot. There is something bubbling in the pipeline that will be announced shortly and the very talented mummy in this family is going to be one half of that something. I’m excited and I am looking forward to announcing how this new something will potentially bring more cohesion to many wardrobes in Basel and consequently the images that I will be taking too. Anyone know what I am talking about? Watch this space..

So, on to the shoot. With this family living just a stones throw away from the Rhine, we kept it simple. A walk to the Rhine, ferry across the Rhine, a little walk around the beautiful St. Alban area and then back home again on the ferry. Look at these two adorable cheeky cuties as we walked down tho the ferry port:

They happily rang the bell for the ferry and waited for it to come over:

Then a nice walk around St.Alban – round the old walls, the paper museum, stopping for a drink at the fountain and on the way capturing some great portraits of the girls. You can’t tell with the B&W, but the eldest is fair-haired with brown eye and then the youngest is dark-haired with blue eye – just precious!

Then back on the ferry again, an ice-cream treat for being so good and home again. Here is everyone on the ferry, with the Munster in the background. Note how well co-ordinated they are all are:

Isn’t mummy beautiful:

The girls are dressed in clothes and accessiories from Bellefiore, as are many of the kids in my shoots. See here, here and here. These skirts above are part of the new summer collection. Mum then carefully chose something for her and her hubby to compliment the girls.

I wasn’t sure I had got the right house when I arrived, but a beautiful little girl in a lovely summer dress with a big smile saw me trying to get inside her garden gate and happily told me that it is, ‘sometimes a bit stiff’. It’s lovely when the kids are really looking forward to their sessions with me, she later showed me that she had even written it into her diary, ‘pictures in the garden’. The garden was perfect too – pretty and contained. My photographer head nodded in approval.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon after a great day of celebrations (the Royal Wedding, for those that watched it). It was a great topic to start with to the little girls – talk of princesses and pretty dresses. Talking of princesses, look at these two:

The light was as beautiful as the girls:

They were just adorable and so great to take photos with. In fact, I had a little bit of competition:

I love how she is looking at the back of the camera to check the photo! My heart melts.

Then the eldest wanted to have a go and sat in my lap to take a few pictures of mum and dad. I think she did really well:

It was lovely sharing an afternoon with you and I look forward to seeing you again soon: