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After lots of rescheduling we finally managed to get together for this shoot. A shoot I have been looking forward to for a long time. This mummy is a pretty ace photographer herself and I know for her it was just really important that she was in some photos, rather than being the one behind the camera – something I also know well. So, armed with a beautiful patchwork blanket, a field full of long grass and a vintage camera for another budding photographer we managed to get a lovely collection of family photos. Dad also brought along his guitar and serenaded his beautiful girls. Idylic.

The eldest is certainly taking after her mummy. This camera was hard to prise out of her hands:

She was pretty good with it too!

The baby of the family:

Everyone together:

And one of just mummy and daddy. Aren’t they beautiful together:

My second shoot in Zurich last Saturday was at the beautiful Rieter Park , a new favourite park of mine now. It was cosy and also felt quite secluded, with little pockets of grass surrounded by trees. A great place for photos. The cafe in the villa wasn’t bad either, I can highly recommend their home made lemonade.

I was waiting on these steps for the family and immediately used the place for a few piccies of this little beauty:

That was before she spied the little park and we lost her over there for a bit. Not wanting to rock the boat with such a strong minded little person, we just got started playing in the park:

We managed to get her out of the park and played some ball and walked up to the villa. Here is the cheeky little monkey having fun jumping on mummies back:

Quietly contemplative at the little pond:

Everyone was still smiling at the end of the shoot, even though we missed getting coffee at the two cafe’s that shut just as we were needing a bit of extra kick. Thanks for introducing me to a beautiful park and spending some time with me.

I always say that families with boys only can be the hardest to take photos of, mostly due to the fact that they never run out of energy! It seems that the older they get the more that this can be the case too. I really don’t mind at all though, it means that I get more of a work out from the shoot. I don’t need a gym membership with such active sessions.

So, I started off with getting them to jump around a bit, I thought that would burn off a bit of energy, but instead I think it gave them more:

This next image is very natural and an image I have shot a lot. Family stroll to the park/field, where the kids run off ahead and mum and dad follow, feeling happy with everything they have:

So far, notice we haven’t got to actually see what these boys actually look like. Well, here is the youngest, who happily took every chance he could to jump in front of my lens:

And I actually shot a lot of the eldest laughing, but I just love this one. I just can’t help but love long lash shots and this one is so good – look at that cheeky grin he’s hiding there too:

After our lovely little walk, which included listening to some very noisy frogs at a little pond, we headed back to the house for a final few shots in the most ginormous armchair I’ve seen in my life – one that fit everyone in. Lovely. Here though is the final shot of the day before they headed out for a well earnt lunch to the boys favourite place. Thanks for a fun-filled morning.

I’m ashamed to say that I don’t take enough pictures of my own little one. It’s partly that when I see her, it’s when I am not working and I just want to spend as much quality time with her as I can. It’s also partly down to her not really liking me taking photos (clearly not my biggest fan – I hope she appreciates it more when she is older). Either that, or she decides she wants to take the photos and I’m not really keen to put 5,000CHF worth of equipment in her hands just yet!

It was her birthday this last weekend and we did make a weekend of it. Grandparents flew over, we had a party (which I didn’t take photos at) and then on her actual birthday we went pony riding with her two best friends – more on that in another post. I love it when all the poppies come out. In fact, one of the last shoots I had with my little one was last year when the poppies were out. There are pics on my facebook fan page. Before the rain ruined them or they all got cut down we headed up to the fields for a few shots. It wasn’t until we were nearly finished did I realise that the field also had beans in – good job the farmer didn’t see us. At that point we heading quite quickly back home. I only wish looking at these pics, that I had brought a hair brush with me.

My amazing four year old:

And the giggles, I love how her whole being lights up when she is happy:

Vintage stylee:

For all of those wondering, this dress is from the Bellefiore shop, by Albetta:

And just as quickly back to contemplative:

I love you baby xxx