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This was one truly memorable event! The drama leading up to the day is something I will also never forget. It all started when this beautiful bride left her wedding dress on the train when she headed down to Ascona. Yes.. On. The. Train! So a couple of days before the wedding she rushed to find another one in Italy as it looked like the dress was not found on the train – something that surprised everyone as Switzerland is usually the land where you will nearly always get something you loose back. I know, I left my Macbook Air on a train once and it found it’s way back to me with no problems! Then a day before the wedding they find the dress – Horray! There were still further problems though as when they went to collect it the night before it actually wasn’t there and was reported that it wouldn’t arrive until the 10th July – a day too late. At this point Jenya was way more relaxed than I thought a bride might be and was very happy with the replacement dress.

As luck would have it, the original dress actually arrived on the wedding day. Their ceremony was on Islola de Brissago and we were all there already (wearing the replacement dress) when the original dress arrived with the last of the guests. A quick change in the ladies bathroom at the restaurant that was on the island and we were ready to go meet the groom! Talk about action packed. Jenya looked absolutely gorgeous in both dresses, the first images here are of her replacement dress and the last image is of her original dress, which she did end up wearing to her ceremony. It was an absolutely beautiful day, with the most beautiful backdrop of the lake and mountains.

As for the couple, it’s so clear that they are just oozing love for each other and they are just such a great match. There were many points in the wedding where the Ukranian family members shouted something and the bride and groom have to kiss for a long time whilst everyone counts and then drinks vodka. I’m not too clear on the tradition, but this couple clearly didn’t mind one bit and everyone was counting a lot. It was an amazing day in the most beautiful location. Jenya and Andy had probably the highest room in Ascona too – the turret of the castle, making their wedding truly something out of a fairy tale.

I took so many images, but here are just a few for now:

Green was a theme throughout the whole wedding, with many of the guests wearing the colour too, including me:

Here is just one more of the ceremony location when we had a run through an hour before the real thing. Stunning huh!

And the beautiful brown eyed girl that I made friends with throughout the day.

This couple flew in from New Zealand for this gorgeous wedding in Arlesheim. It was a perfect day for a wedding! I’d met the groom two days before at the church to talk through details and I didn’t meet the bride until the day itself. It was a very classical day – a bouquet of white roses, gold colours for the bridesmaid dresses, that matched the inside of the church perfectly, a magnificent horse-drawn carriage, beautiful surroundings and white heart balloons.

Most of the weddings that I take pictures at are made up of families that are from all over the place, this was no exception with the groom being a Kiwi and the bride being Swiss (although she now sounds like a Kiwi). The priest delivered an excellent service including holding up a baby kiwi fruit, grown in his very own garden and also a bar of Swiss cholocate. The twio items representing Tim and Daniela. It was very apt and beautiful. There was a beautiful mix of traditions at this wedding, including some carnival music from three family members, two of which were in costume (the third was a bridesmaid). I also enjoyed hearing and chatting with some of the English guests from Tim’s side of the family. I miss hearing the accent more often. I left before dinner, so I hope that you had a beautiful meal and enjoyed a long and happy evening together with your wedding party and as husband and wife.

Here are some lovely details of the day, including a shot of the church with my newest fisheye lens.

Not only was it this happy couple’s wedding day, it was also the bride’s birthday. Happy happy Birthday Daniela. This one is a birthday you will never forget. I love all the balloons that you had to celebrate. This one was taken by your husband when he hi-jacked my camera from me..

Credit as due:

Thanks for having me with you on your special day and for letting me hitch a ride with you on your horse drawn carriage on that way back to your party! I look forward to sending you a slideshow of your images soon. xx

It was a beautiful morning, the park was pretty much empty and I had my camera in hand. One bright-faced little person, her happy parents and me. Mum had done a super job co-ordinating everyone and I just loved how dad took his little girl to the park. It almost made me want to be a little person again to be held like that.

And one with mummy:

A very smiley, happy little girl. I just love the pink and green together:

The small details, aparently she does this a lot:

It was lovely spending the morning with you all, I look forward to showing you more piccies soon:

I feel really grateful for my job and how it makes people feel. I am welcomed into people’s homes, often not ever meeting them before. I am treated as a welcome guest and get to spend a couple of hours with them all at their best. I often wonder if years down the line they will fondly remember our sessions and tell their children about how much fun they were as well as telling them how good or cute they were for me. I also love that I create images that will be treasured and loved for hopefully more than one lifetime.

I was a little bit early for this session and was welcomed in, sat in a really comfy chair and offered a cup of proper British tea. It was going to be a good session. We got to know each other a little over that cup of tea whilst the little princess came round and woke from her beauty sleep. What a beauty she was too. So smiley and cute with her little quiff of hair. It reminded me of my little one and how she had a bit of a mohawk for the first year of her life. How adorable is she:

Beautiful cheeks:

We took a few pictures at home with that gorgeous slate tile floor as an ideal background and then after a quick change, headed out to some beautiful flower fields just down the road:

Back home again, we had a bit of a girly moment in a beautiful tutu:

Thanks for a fun afternoon and I look forward to seeing you all again. Thanks for the tea too!