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I’d been looking forward to this wedding. This gorgeous (tall) couple weren’t necessarily looking for a wedding photographer to document their day and when they came across my site, they thought they had found what they were looking for. We met and the last wedding of my year was booked. I’m so happy they did book me, the whole celebration was just so much fun, so warm and full of lots of smiles and laughter. It was wonderful to be a part of it for them.

My time was split over two days for this wedding. I did an hour on their actual wedding day, covering the civil ceremony and the lovely apero afterwards, then the rest of my time on the party day the following Saturday. On both days, I was just instructed to document the day, photojournalistically. I like that.

Here are a couple from the actual wedding day:

This one being the most posed picture of the whole celebration:

Then on the party day here are the happy couple getting ready:

Arriving together on the Vespa:

Lots of people were there to celebrate these two on their special day. I totally and utterly fell in love with the little Dashound puppy too. Isn’t he just the most adorable thing:

The inside of the church was amazing too, I loved how all the name place cards were balanced in wine corks:

And after all the lovely food and wine, there was dancing. Lots of dancing:

I love taking photos of this little girl. This time her maternal Grandparents were over for a visit, so I got to say hello to them again – last time was at her parents wedding. Again they were wearing traditional dress and little miss seemed quite interested in it all. Here Grandad was trying to get her to look at me:

And she was more interested in looking at his hat:

Look at this adorable big smile:

And a nice casual one of her with her parents – daddy cool, hanging out there in the background:

Seeing as it was so nice, we went out for a walk, or a sit on a path:

And by the time we got to the park it was time for a nap:

Always a pleasure! I look forward to seeing you for your first birthday and hope you enjoyed your visitors.

This was a fun shoot. As you all know, I mostly take pictures of children and small people, with a few weddings thrown into the mix for good measure. This was a shoot that mum wanted of her and her two daughters – that were 20 and 21. A little older than I am used to working with. It was so much fun though and such a wonderful thing to do. It made me think that the photoshoot that I have planned later this year with the amazing Naomi Kenton is so definitely a good thing to do. I plan to have a shoot with my mum, grandma, daughter and me. Making it a celebration of 4 generations of women within our family. I’m sure that the photos we’ll have taken will be something that I cherish forever and hopefully future generations will replicate.

So, I would say that a third of this shoot was outside with mum and her beautiful girls and the other part of our session was a little more.. erm.. intimate! I have taken photos of women, for women (although the other halves in their lives clearly benefit) before and really love that women want to have pictures like this. It’s such a good idea and especially if you are young, although that is by no means an essential. The age span of my female clients for these kinds of shoots is about 30 years. I’ve found myself too busy with family shoots and weddings to really advertise these kinds of shoots, but I absolutely do do them and may well plan a weekend dedicated to these kinds of shoots when I can. Something for Valentines day would work. If anyone is interested, please just send me a mail and we’ll work something out.

So, for obvious reasons, I am not posting anything too sensitive here. They will be in a private post, but here are a few that I don’t think the girls will mind these being public. Thanks for such a fun afternoon! It was a pleasure to meet you all and makes me wish I had a sister!

Look at these big eyes:

No surprise that mum is gorgeous too!