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Have you got your Christmas Cards sorted yet? Now is definitely the time to do it, there are some great savings to be had. I LOVE Tiny Prints, they have such an amazing range of card styles and designs. With lots of added extras, such as labels, tags and even thank you cards.

I have just ordered my work Christmas Cards (my personal cards will be handmade from Maia and me this year) and with Black Friday coming up there are some BIG discounts available.

Tiny Prints is also a great place to get Birth Announcement cards and all sorts of other personalised stationary.

The older girls aren’t babies any more, but they will always be to their mummy and daddy. Same as my little girl will always be my baby.

I have been very lucky to get to snuggle quite a few newborn babies recently. I love newborn babies. There is something about them that just makes you smile and wonder about the beauty in life (apart from when they don’t stop crying of course!). I was welcomed into this busy home on the same day that Grandma had flown in from the US. The two older girls were super friendly and sweet and by the time I had finished both of them had enveloped me in a giant hug and declared me their new best friend.. Moments like that make me feel super happy and warm inside – thanks you two! Then the youngest – what a beauty – so good and calm and quiet.

There are a few more images here than normal to make up for the fact that the rest of their images will take a little longer than usual as I get through the Christmas rush of album designs and orders. I feel like a Christmas elf!

So, here are your sneak preview images. The session was an amazing gift from the girl’s Auntie. What a lovely gift! Something that will be treasured forever.

Such careful and proud big sisters:

Cheeky wink:

It was such a surprisingly lovely day, we had to take a few outside:

Wide eyed and bushy tailed:

And wearing a hat made especially for her:

Simply just her:

And a last one of everyone together just before I left. Such warmth and love:

In the interest of all things fashion, that seems to be going on at the moment, I have another amazing event to share with you all. Here is the invite from the organiser in her words:


Dear lady and gentlemen friends,

Don’t you hate when you find a great outfit, that needs a little bit of tweaking for it to fit perfectly?

Wouldn’t you love to find a place that could make shoes custom-fit? But that you don’t need to sell a kidney to buy a pair.

And wouldn’t it be great if the opening hours were a little longer? At least for a day?

I have found the place for you. And I’m organizing a private, evening, sale. It’s called “sieben-und-dreissig” a joint venture from 2 local designers:
Petra Buchter, the fashion designer, will be there to customize her fall collection to your measurements. So that each outfit will fit you PERFECTLY! And best of all, these alterations will be free of charge, yeap, GRATIS!

The custom-fit shoes, are mainly for you boys. There are at least 10 different models to choose from. For women the selection is a little smaller, but to compensate, they also offer the Camper product range.

There will also be other leather products, like bags and belts.

So come and join us, we can chat, try some new outfits, while having a little bit of Prosecco 😉

Private after-hours sale  November 18th from 19:30 hours
Sieben und dreissig
Nadelberg 37
Tram 3, and bus 34 station: Universitat
Admission price: 25 chf in advance, 20 chf at the door.

If interested, please RSVP as soon as possible.



It looks to be a very interesting event with a chance to have something custom made to you! If you are interested, please email Rosina at