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I have had the pleasure of working with this lovely and interesting family for a while now and I really enjoy meeting up with them every time. I first met them when they were pregnant with their first little girl. Now there is another on the way! Very exciting.

So here are a few snippets from our maternity session together. I am looking forward to taking photos of your new arrival!

The proud big sister with her ‘buddah’ baby sister bump:

I love the autumn sunshine, just need to wrap up warm. We found a daisy for the baby though:

Alles zusammen:

Such a pretty little girl:

Little games she likes to play with the baby:

And a little something gorgeous for when she arrives:

So many gorgeous newborns lately. This one was more like a 2 month old, but with that comes lots more ‘smiles’. Not as sleepy as a true newborn, but she was super excellent for me. I love her hair too, reminds me of my little one when she was a tiny babe. Mine had more of a mohawk thing going on with her having much longer hair just in the middle. So much fun!

Here is a significant sneak peak. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!:

This little boy just had the cutest of little faces and was just super excellent for me the whole time. There are more images here as a sneak preview in liu of having a full gallery ready for them. Now all my albums are done and ordered, I have a little more time to get to all the edits that still need to be done. Thanks so much to all my understanding families for any delays experienced. Not long to go now. I officially close up shop for the holidays at 5pm on Friday 16th December until the new year. I have a couple of newborns heading my camera’s way between Christmas and New Year, but I won’t be editing again until 2012 after next Friday.

Wishing you all a lovely warm holiday season. Now here are some piccies of a very cute little dimpled newborn. Well done mummy for managing to get outside for a few shots around where you live. I think it was worth it!

Aren’t these lips just adorable!

Love this too.. Only a couple of weeks before this picture was taken, he was in his mummies tummy! Unbelievable. Making babies is just an amazing thing!

I know it’s not over yet, but this year has been brilliant business wise. I have had more shoots than ever, more albums and wall art out to clients homes and lots and lots of fun with all of my lovely families. I had a few plans for this year that I haven’t been able to fit in – one was my mini christmas shoots that I just didn’t have time for in the end. Another was doing another exhibition. Even though I am still finalising some orders in time for the holidays, I am also planning for next year too. There will be some changes that I hope will be positive changes for everyone. Ones that speed up my turn around times, free up a bit of time for me so I can keep my creative juices flowing and that simplify options for you!

One massive thing I plan to do next year is seasonal mini shoots and if you choose to take a slot at each session, then this will essentially amount to a full photoshoot. Instead of having one shoot at some point in the year, you can have 4 half hour sessions at the height of each season. That’s 4 chances to style up your family and for those that fear 2 hours is too long for a session with innatentive kids, this might be perfect. Especially if your kids aren’t too shy or know me already.

Here is the offer:

4 seasonal shoots:
Winter (end Jan)
Spring (April)
Summer (July)
Autumn (October)

Each will take place at a location of MY choice in Basel. I will leave a little bit of time between shoots for change overs, but it would be very important to be on time and ready to go on arrival. I plan to dedicate one whole weekend each season to these shoots, so that would be 12 different time slots available. This is limited to Basel only, but any families willing to travel are more than welcome to join in the fun!

What you get:
12 full-res digital images
All of the above images as 5×7″ prints

Please note:  Priority booking goes to those that have been regular clients of mine (families that have had two or more shoots with already) or those that have had newborn sessions with me recently. The best bit is that the four sessions will go together to make the perfect present for Christmas 2012 – an album containing the images from all the shoots.  Perfect!

The Price:
If you choose to book for all seasons, each session will be 300CHF.
If you choose to only book one season, it will be 400CHF.


To celebrate the fact that I have been in Basel for 6 years now (6 years today), I will offer anyone booking in the next six days a free 8×8″ album!! A significant bonus! If you wish to gift this seasonal spread of shoots to your family for Christmas, I can create a voucher for you.

For all of those booking for all seasons, you will also get a pretty little calendar of the year, on which you can circle the days of your shoots:

To book: Either leave me a comment below (it won’t get published) or contact me through the form on this blog or email me. I will send you an invoice for the first session and paying that will confirm your place.