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I have a big announcement to make:  I will be wrapping up my photography business for now.

Since my daughter started Kindergarten and I lost my ‘weekend’ midweek with her, the balance of work/life/family just hasn’t been the same. I also had this link pop in my inbox last week and it really resonated with me. Creating and running my own business has been amazing and the flexibility of the work around my family commitments has worked very well. I have had so much fun with all you lovely families over the last 5 years, it’s been brilliant! I am hoping to get a job back in the Pharma industry as a SAS programmer again.  In fact, anyone that actively and successfully helps me to get a job will earn a Full Premium photography session from me as a reward!

I have no idea how long it might take to get myself back into the corporate machine, so in the meantime I will continue with the photography, but on a month-by-month basis.  One weekend a month, I will set up a doodle schedule with time slots and anyone can sign up for slots based on booking a mini, half or full premium session.  These will be the options available:

Mini – 20 min session, including 12 jpegs – 400CHF

Maxi – 40 min session, including 25 jpegs – 800CHF

Mini and Maxi sessions will be back to back with each other and in a location of my choice which will be announced with the doodle sign up sheet. Mini sessions images will be delivered digitally only. Maxi and full sessions will be delivered digitally and also on a custom USB stick.

Full Premium – UP to 2 hours in a location of your choice, includes at least 50 jpegs a coffee table book and canvas – 1600CHF


At the beginning of this year I waited until there was snow for the winter mini sessions, these were at the beginning of Feb, so I will plan to start my monthly sessions from around the same time in 2013. The mini sessions from my 4 Seasons Winter sessions last year came out really well and I would highly recommend getting all snuggly with hats and scarfs and joining me for some sledding or snowball fights.




I just wanted to put something up in the absence of other blog posts.  In the interests of getting all the edits done and orders ordered, sneak previews on the blog are taking a side step for the moment.  Please bear with me…

I’ve not had a proper chance to explore yet, but I hope all you Basel peeps are enjoying the Herbsmesse (Autumn fair).  Here are a couple of photos that I took 6 years ago with my little Casio IXUS camera:


My last wedding of the year and it was a pretty great party! Split over two days, I took a couple of hours of photos and a few formals at the actual wedding ceremony on the Friday, then on the Saturday was the big party! This couple have such a great positive vibe together and clearly enjoyed being able to share their special day with all their friends and family. With three dresses in total (and I didn’t even get to see the third one), this bride certainly enjoyed stealing the show. I must say though, it was her beaming smile that shone the brightest.

Doves, balloons, yummy chocolates, a beer barrel and flamenco dancing certainly kept everyone entertained. Here are a few shots from the actual wedding day next to the Binningen Schloss:

Here are just a few snaps from the amazing party location of Sichtwerk, that was just over the border in Einmeldung, Germany. Check out their girls in their super cute tutu’s:

Congratulations to you both! You have a beautiful family and a really great bunch of friends. Wishing you many years of fun and laughter.

Even though this little lady and I had met before, it was a long time ago when she was under a year. Last time I saw her, her hair was a lot shorter and darker. The little girl here looked like a little angel. Beautiful. I also know that she is very good friends with another of my supermodels and I guess that when they are together they probably look like angelic sisters.

There was a little bit of shyness, but within a small amount of time I think I proved myself to be safe and fun and friendly. Result!

I had so many amazing photos to choose from for this. The location we were at was an amazing little villa that is a middle school. It was just gorgeous round there. So much so that after our shoot I stayed to knit in the field next to the school with my friend that was visiting. Idylic.

So, here we go… What a location huh:

Warming up together with a bit of hide and seek/chase!

Isn’t she adorable:

Love the scrunchy nose..

And a fun fish-eye one to end the session on a high!

Thanks for a lovely afternoon, it was great to see you all again.