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Following in the steps of UK photographer Anna Hardy, I have decided to also start a 365 project again. It is where I really started with my photography when I moved to Basel in December 2005. I completed my 365 in 2006, continued into 2007 and sort of tapered off, then made it based around my daughter for 2008. Since then, I have been growing my own business and rarely seem to take photos for myself anymore. So, here I am, trying to be a bit more creative for me; let’s see how long I last! I tried this a couple of years ago and managed about 4 months, using I’m also running a rainbow project over there too.

So, here we go:


One of my pretty light Christmas trees that I had decorating my office over the holidays:


I made a trifle! An English packet mix, from Bird’s, with an extra packet of Dream Topping for the top. I also added some popping candy to the top as and when I dished myself up a serving. Yum!


Detail of a pretty light:


Playing with the girl – Princess Playmobile. Here is a rather stern looking King:


Another light – this time my macro flash light in the reflection of a window after a pretty crazy storm:


There is a tradition here in Switzerland about eating this special bread, shared between your family and inside is a little plastic King/Queen. I’m really not sure on the details, but I shared one with a friend over coffee/tea today and I was the Queen! You then get to wear a gold crown for the day:


My lovely little girl. This is her own mirror at her height where she now likes to do her hair. Such a sweet little smile too. Love her xx


Today I was taking photos of a newborn. Beautiful tiny thing and only 2 days old.


I made it to a 6:30am Bikram Yoga class in town. Taken with my little camera – a Panasonic Lumix LX5 (that I love), I wanted to remember and have evidence that I can still do early mornings!


Testing out new recipes. Yum! Thanks Nigel Slater – you continue to make my mouth water!


At the airport! Time to take off a working week just for me.. heading to London to see some lovely friends. Looking forward to lots of knitting, tea drinking and museums.


Playing with slow shutter speed in the underground on my little camera – the big one didn’t fit into my small hand luggage only case. Travelling light is a new thing for me.


After a fabulous day that included a lazy morning knitting and drinking tea in our pyjamas, we ventured into town for some Dutch House pancakes and fruit beer – Yum! A make over in Boots by a lovely Clarins lady, a swift pint in the 101 bar and a yummy sarnie from Subway, we heading back to the flat to get ready for a much anticipated night out in Stroud Green!


After a gradual start to the day with more knitting and tea, we ventured into the city to enjoy the National Portrait Gallery and some more tasty treats.. This portrait particularly interested me:


An excellent welcome to the delightful eatery and coffee house that is The Haberdashery. I enjoyed some fresh juice, a full english breakfast and a pot of tea served in a mismatched tea cup and saucer. Lovely.


Back in Basel, the sun backlighting this holly outside my flat caught my eye.


Jack Frost came to visit us over night and I was itching to get outside and take some photos, but didn’t get out until well into the afternoon as my little one didn’t want to get dressed and breath in some lovely fresh air.


My lovely friend from school, Karen came to visit for a couple of days. Maia loves it when she comes to stay and was particularly interested in her make up this time round. It’s been a very social start to the year – which is really lovely!


I was invited to join a very dear and wonderful friend at the Aqua Basilia spa today after we both finished work. We had lots of fun just chilling, catching up and whizzing down the slides.. wheeeeee! This is from outside the hotel next door – simple, yet beautiful!


Another friend called round today and has started reading Tarot cards. She continued to practice this new skill on me. This is the card that I pulled for my personality card:


Detail from an old camera that sits on my desk. My mum got it for me in an auction in Milton Keynes, UK. Thanks mum!


The maternity session from this family is just a few posts down. I was away for a working week in Jan and it’s always difficult to plan shoots for babies that aren’t scheduled in for a c-section. Even that doesn’t stop some babies saying hello not on that set date!

This little one was born a few days before I planned to to go to London for one of my working weeks this month (nothing work related, just a little holiday time for me after the run up to Christmas and then the holidays – something that will now be a regular feature in my yearly schedule). We had the option of doing it before I went or after and we chose before, so I got to go and see this lovely family on the second day of this little one’s life.

It’s always interesting to see how older siblings react to new babies in the house, especially if it has only been them up until this point. I think this big sister will be wonderful, look how proud and loving she is already:

Another beautiful little girl:

With the mummies:

And the daddies:

Aptly named, ‘sleepy head’ by her big sister:

I am really looking forward to seeing her grow over the next year or so.

Things got a little crazy before Christmas so not everyone got a blog post sneak preview in lui of getting their images to them quicker. Here is a before and after shoot that I did.. Lucky we did shoot the maternity session when we did, because this little lad came a few weeks early and we would have missed those lovely pics of mummy and her baby bump.



Happy New Year everyone!

I’m perhaps a little late with this one, but better late than never!

I will be having the same sale as I did last year. Annually, I put up my sitting fee by 50CHF, so for 2012, it will now be 400CHF to reserve a session with me and cover the creative fees involved for me taking, editing and proofing your images after a session with me.

My Product list prices will however, remain unchanged. I tend to make minor adjustments throughout the year on that one anyway.

My January sale gives you a session in 2012 for the price of a session in 2011 AND you also get 100CHF credit towards your order when it comes to putting that in – a saving of 150CHF in total. So, if you know that you want a session in 2012, we don’t have to fix a date just yet, you just need to let me know you want a session and this deal will apply. All you have to do is pay the session fee before the end of the month.

You can email me or send me a message through the contact form on this site.

Other great news for 2012 is that I will be attending an amazing photography workshop in Austin, Texas, held by the amazing Pinkletoes mastermind, Michelle Anderson. I consider her to be one of the best lifestyle photographers in the world and am so happy to be able to attend a workshop with her. As well as covering style and workflow processes, she has a great business model going, so it is possible that I may consider restructuring my price system after this workshop. Any changes in the future are likely to happen as of April this year. It might mean than in the future all digital images from a session with me will be included by default, but the baseline price of a session with me will be higher. So, if you value complete choice, booking a session with me now with the Jan sale price is recommended!

Finally, I wanted to add some images to this post. My daughter enjoyed having her cousin to stay over the holidays and we all went to the zoo together, here are a few pics of her cousin. You may recognise her from the header of my blog page – up there she was only 3 months old. She is now quite a bit bigger and was an absolute delight to have around for a week or so with her parents.

Love her big brown eyes:

Loving the freedom in the zoo:

Watching for turtles:

Watching the kangaroos:

Here they are together, admiring another couple in matching jackets!