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Last weekend I arrived at a small pocket of paradise that I wouldn’t have even dreamed existed – I love that about Basel. You can’t really tell from the outside of buildings what they look like inside.

I really enjoyed meeting this couple and look forward to taking photos for them for the first year of so of their little baby boy – due in just a few short weeks. Here are just a couple of images from our session. I very much look forward to seeing you all again and getting some shots of that bassinet with your little baby boy inside!

In the pretty courtyard:

There is that bassinet in the background:

A week after my first set of Winter shoots, I had my second set. Apologies for only just getting round to putting this blog up. Expect your full set of images a LOT sooner!!

So, a special announcement first. I have a little helper, well, one and a bit little helpers right now (she is currently expecting her third baby). The amazing and beautiful Naomi has already started and will continue to help me with my business this year. I am very excited to have such a talented person to help me with the back end of all things Claire Pearson Photography. So far, she has already helped me create and complete spreadsheets that I have been meaning to do for a long while, been an ear to bend on new ideas I have and has made research trips more fun, by accompanying me. There will be some more exciting design tasks in store for her too. Thank you very much for joining me on my crazy adventure running my own business, Naomi. We just need to find you an offical title now! Here she is..

Her hubby throwing a snowball:

at their son!

Two cute kids, I look forward to meeting and taking photos of the one baking in the oven:

Here is a little sneak preview of the other shoots I had that day, you can see from these first two images how cold it was!!

Beautiful newborn babies. I’ve got to snuggle quite a few recently. This little girl was just gorgeous. We mostly camped out in the beautifully well lit bedroom and had fun getting some real lifestyle family photos.

Thanks for sharing such an amazing time of your life with me. Here are a few piccies of your beautiful family.

Happy Sunday mornings:

Kisses between sisters:

Such a cute little pixie:

Safe in daddy’s arms:

Congratulations on your new baby girl!

I had a very brave family the other week that were up for a full family photoshoot in town – in the bitter cold!!! Wrapped up *very* warm, we had half of our shoot and then nipped into Starbucks to warm up and then carried on for the second half. Coming from the US where it doesn’t usually get that cold, this was something new for the boys. Well done for braving the cold with me and I look forward to seeing you again soon, when I can show you your full set of photos.

Look at this gorgeous toothless grin:

A very handsome big brother:

Don’t they look so adorable together – especially against the lovely red brick of the Munster:

A pretty silhouette, looking out to the Rhine:

Another great Basel landmark – The Elizabethan Church:

And a funny one at the end for these two brothers that are clearly very close. Makes me miss my two brothers: