Monthly Archives: February 2012

So, after lots of planning, we finally came to organise two days where everyone could make a session. Then it was a matter of having the right weather. Basel didn’t dissapoint us. The scenery was perfect for our winter shoots last Sunday and it looks like it has stuck around enough that this Sunday will also work out well too. Here are a couple of my little one – I’ve decided to give her a session too, in the hope that I might take a few more pictures of her this year!

Being bombed by snowballs:

Pretty in pink:

Here is a pretty montage of images from the other sessions from that weekend! It was such fun playing with you all in the snow. More to come from the next session!

This is my last shoot from last year that I need to edit. Starting the new year so behind on work hasn’t been much fun, so I am going to pretend that Feb is the beginning of the year! I also planned to not really have any shoots in Jan, so I can just relax a little and focus on other work things. I still had those other work things to take care of and I had 3 newborns and a family shoot. No rest for the wicked, eh! Feb should be a little more quiet and than with my weekend off at the end of the month and then Fastnacht holidays (meaning I get to look after my little girl for the week whilst her day care is closed) and then on my birthday – 7th March, I fly to Austin Texas for my workshop with Pinkletoes Photography! So very excited. I feel like I look at my diary, blink and it is already the next month!

I’m happy for the snow though, fixing dates for my 4 Seasons shoots has been a little tricky, but I think we are sorted with that now. I am looking forward to seeing lots of fresh faced wrapped up families. The first day of shoots will be this Sunday. Brrrr…

So, here are the sneak peek piccies from a shoot last December! (I know.. so behind, but they knew there would be a wait for these). For some reason, I thought this family had three kids and a dog when I turned up and the family were a little confused when I was asking where the dog was! I can be a little bit ditzy sometimes. Instead, I was greeted by a lovely big sister, who has three younger brothers, including a set of twins. Very cute – all of them. Here they are out in the garden in front of their house:

What a great house shape too. Love it!

Guess where the family are from:

Everyone together, caught in my fish-eye:

I couldn’t resist a foot shot of the kids before I left:

Thanks for being so patient waiting for these, I will have your full gallery with you very soon! Hope the kids all enjoyed their extra presents that I secured with Santa for them!!