Monthly Archives: March 2012

There were a couple of families that couldn’t make the Winter sessions when I scheduled them, so after the snow cleared from Basel, we were working hard to fit in around my busy schedule how and where we would have them.  In the end, both families happened to be planning a trip to the mountains, overlapping on a Saturday the weekend I had Maia.  So off Maia and I went, with camera in hand to get the last few sets of pictures.  The family with three boys were really very kind and invited Maia and I to stay the evening before our shoots in a spare room they had at their chalet.  It was perfect and although some of these piccies here aren’t all in the snow, we know that they were in the mountains.  This is the view in the morning from their balcony:


And the very ‘lifesyle’ image from the top of the stairs – what a lovely little place to stay:

The three boys and their gorgeous blue eyes:

This was one of the first ones I got, when I joined the kids watching cartoons first thing in the morning:

We did manage to get everyone in the same picture together too!

There were a few more outside and then as we waved goodbye to everyone on the train heading down the mountain, up came the next family! Here is another scenic image of the slope that this mummy learnt to ski on with her brother, back in the day when they were kids:

What a bright and colourful family:

This little one, super confident and smiley heading down the training slope on her skis:

Snow angels!

Finally, thanks to my super cool assistant who was paid in the form of a new pair of sunglasses for being so excellent letting mummy work on her weekend off. Love you baby <3