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It’s pretty cool living in the part of Switzerland that I do. Both France and Germany are right on my doorstep, literally minutes away sometimes. I’ve been running in the forest and have found myself popping over to France and back before. It’s amazing to see the difference in less than 10 minutes. The houses are so much more varied and colourful in France too. I love all the open fields and small villages too.

I found myself over in France for this shoot and the family had moved into a new place, so I was happy to find their new amazing home. It really is amazing too, so many beautiful features with a lovely spacious garden too. Last time the youngest girl fell in the pond during our session, so as long as she stayed dry, I was happy! This time the grandparents were there, so it was nice to include them in on the shoot too.

I do love this family – the kids are so sweet and lovely. So different from each other too and it was great to see mum again and catch up. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day!

Playing in the garden:

Everyone together:

Bouncing on the trampoline! I had a go too:

With the grandparents:

Three beautiful individuals:

I know that today is this gorgeous mummy’s birthday, so first a BIG Happy Birthday to you!

Here is your sneak preview from your session a couple of weeks ago. Worth waiting for. There were loads of great piccies to choose from, but I’ve settled for these for now.

Everyone together at the Rathaus:

Two gorgeous boys. Can I get them to both look at me and smile at the same time.. Well, if I put these two together I can:

We took these pictures on Easter Sunday and met at Marktplatz. The place was completely empty, we had it all to ourselves pretty much – well, there was a good bit of wind keeping us on our toes too. It seems that there was someone else out with us that day too, because when we got to the Munster we found some yummy chocolate eggs! Looks like the Easter bunny knew we were coming. Just at the right time too. Here are the two boys eating on their yummy chocolate eggs:

At the end of it all, we had a bit of a lunch stop. Now this is a real lifestyle photo:

Happy mummy and her gorgeous boys:

This mummy was wearing the most beautiful yellow cardi with her lovely grey dress when I arrived and the artist within smiled. Alongside the fresh yellow tulips in the house it made a super great backdrop to a yummy fresh newborn. Check it out:

Totally gorgeous.

He was such a good little boy and was amazing for our shoot. Here he is with his proud daddy showing his complete approval of his first family photoshoot (out of the belly that is!)

Another handsome portrait:

Little sleepy toes as happy parents look over him:

And a snuggly one for mama. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. I look forward to seeing you all again for your next shoot in a few months time!

For those that were wondering where the creme eggs came into it. There was a massive bowl of them, brought over by relatives and I was encouraged to take as many as I wanted. I scoffed the first one as soon as I was back in the car. I LOVE creme eggs. Yummy! Thank you. I introduced my little one to them and she agrees with mummy that they are super yummy.

I hope you all had lovely lovely Easter weekends together!

It’s all about the newborn boys lately! Lovely little snuggly boys.

I knew the street that this little family live on well. They are actually my fourth family on that street, so if any street in Basel is my most popular, it is this one. Conveniently easy to get to also, seeing as my car was out out action. I biked over with a bag of props in my clind seat on the back and my trusty camera bag on my back. It was a lovely morning and an even lovlier family that I got to spend time with last weekend.

Here are some sneak previews of the lovely little boy they have. He was a little angel.

Such a happy little baby:

Baby feet! Love them:

Papa and his boy:

Gorgeous profile, detail shot:

Our final picture, watching the polaroid develop:

Thanks for all your time and patience during our shoot and for the lovely lunch we shared too.