Monthly Archives: May 2012

I was spoilt rotten for cutie pies in front of my lens last weekend, including this beautiful little girl. After lots of rainy days and hibernating after the winter, I think this doll spent the first half of our shoot just wondering what on earth was happening. Sitting in a pretty tulip field wearing her best pretty dresses rather than mooching at home with mummy. Still, she was amazing and adorable.

I’m still super amazed by how amazing her mummy looks. This daddy is one lucky man indeed and doesn’t he know it!

Flying high in the beautiful blue sky!

Flower baby:

More flying with mummy:

Excited skydiving tummy time! I love it when teenies this age use their whole body to smile, waving arms everywhere:

I don’t know where the time flies to these days? It’s already May and the newborns that I took photos of at the beginning of the year are already having their second sessions and growing up far too fast. I didn’t end up blogging the newborn session for this little tiger. He is such a cutie-pie. A little bit of me fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. So much hair too! Gorgeous.

Here are a few of his newborn pics:

Such squooshy lips too:

and a lovely moment with those tiny digits against daddy’s:

So, roll on a few months and we have our next session in a year of photos. This little one has a smile that just lights up the whole room:

Playing in his Jungle Gym:

As with most sessions with babes this age, they tell me when they are finished. Precious moments to hold in your heart forever. These snuggly moments make me all dangerously melty for another baby:

Looking forward to our next session already!

We were soooo lucky with the weather for our Spring sessions. It was glorious!!! On top of all these spring sessions, I also had two other full family sessions, so it was a bit epic for me, with a total of 26 kids in total (plus 1 from the weekend before), add on a couple of bumps and then all the parents and pets. Lots and lots of fun though. See if you can spot some familiar faces..

Beware – Image overload!

The friendly Dino that was our meeting point:

For those that have been following my log for a while, you will know that last year I visited the amazing Whitehall Farm in Devon, UK to cover what was going on down there over 4 seasons. Jayne and Rowan gave up their Basel life to go and run a farm with their two little ones nearly two years ago now.

If you have a keen eye, you will also notice that I have two of these amazing Gotland skins and have used them at my photography shoots. Babies love them as much as the big people. The quality and colours are really quite something and they are just so beautiful. The sheep are seriously friendly (and tasty) too.

I am going to the farm during my UK trip later this month and as I will be driving, I am offering anyone that wants one that I can be the middle-man and pick up some for anyone that wants one.

Below is a selection of the ones still available, 1 & 2 are huge ram ones (140cm x 90) for £200, the rest are £150, with 3,4 & 6 long haired, and 5,7 & 8 short haired with softer backs. The white one is a special skin from a rare white Gotland sheep – a happy accident one baby making season, now in their 4th generation! Maia and I have bagged that one though to replace our very tatty white IKEA one in our living room.

So, if anyone is interested. I leave on the 11th May for 3 weeks, back on the 4th June. Just let me know before then if you want one and we can arrange the rest.. They really are amazing and a steal at these brilliant prices!