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I met this daddy in Sheffield at a gig once. We were both taking photos and I ran out of space on my card. He was very kind and offered to store my images on his portable drive with the promise of delivering them to me later that week. I thought he was a kind looking soul and trusted him, so found myself freeing my CF card of all it’s data and having space to take more. This was pre-SLR days when I was taking a picture-a-day with my little Casio Elixim. Way before children entered either of our lives. Fast forward 6 years or so and we have both had babies and we are both working photographers.

As I was bridesmaid and photographer for the wedding that is the post before this one. I called my friend Dave and proposed a photographic trade off. He takes the pictures at the wedding that I need to be in – namely, ceremony and formal images – in exchange for a family photoshoot for him and his gorgeous family. There are already many many beautiful images of this handsome little fella, but perhaps not so many of everyone together and certainly even fewer that weren’t taken with the camera sat atop a tripod. So, here are a few of the images I took for them in the lovely Wenken Park in Sheffield. A park I used to like to go and read/relax/frisbee in when I was a student at the University of Sheffield.

It was a lovely warm day – perhaps even a little too sunny, but still, this charmer was all smiles:

Using his favourite pink stroller to help him run towards mummy and daddy:

Full of funny faces:

A little super cool rocker in the making:

With his mummy and daddy:

Great to see you all again and I look forward to the next time already!

I have been away in the UK for a nice long break recently and the main reason for this was so that I could be bridesmaid for my wonderful freind Pippa. We’ve known each other since University and met at Damflask reservoir as part of the University of Sheffield Rowing team. We became great friends, working in an Irish Pub together and also travelling together. My first ever long haul flight was with Pip to China in 2003. We were in Beijing for Chinese New Year, Chungdu, Xian and even had quite an adventure to Lhasa, Tibet. Happy memories.

Pip is quite a force of nature, if she wants to do something, it will be done. She’s raised tonnes of money for charity through her jobs and is just an amazing, steady person. When I first met Rich, I knew she’d finally found her man for life. The pair of them are such a great team and the nicest, chilled out couple. It was such a wonderfully perfect day for her wedding and everyone enjoyed a super great party too. It was a pleasure and an honour being one of your bridesmaids. Thank you!

Here are a few of my photos from the day. The amazing venue, Shottle Hall, Pip’s dad’s Classic Car, details of the dress and Pip with her proud Dad:

The ceremony was bright and light and simple. Just perfect:

We had a bit of time to get some piccies of the happy couple and their family:

Then some party pictures…

It was quite a party!

Finally, a shot of me as bridesmaid:

Congratulations to the both of you! I wish you many many happy years together xxx

The eyes on these boys are just amazing.  The little one has the longest lashes too.  Just to die for.  I think mama is going to have her work cut out with these two as they get older and charm all the lucky girls.

Always always a pleasure to see this family.  It’s amazing following families as they grow, we have another session later in the year and I am already looking forward to it.  Just a little shoot in the local park for now, these two photos were taken on the walk to the park:


The two boys together in the dasies:

Family fun time in the park:

A little bit of attention to the younger brother: