Monthly Archives: August 2012

So, it looks like summer is finally properly here! Lots of swimming in the Rhine (not that I have actually done that yet), the Chill am Ry bar is set up and the open air Orange cinema is up. To be honest, for me, it’s been a bit too hot at times and pretty sweltering in my office. However, the outdoor pools are great to cool down in and it’s been fun enjoying a bit of an extended summer holiday with my girl!

I still have some sessions to do, but here is a bit of a sneak peek at my sessions so far:

Trying to catch up with everything after the school holidays..

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking photos of this very compact and cute baby bump:

That turned out to be hiding this gorgeous little girl:


The latest update for this lovely family.

Lots of fun and laughter with big sister whilst the little sister still sleeps:

I get introduced to Globeli, this little girl’s favourite character:

After a nice wake up and bit of food, we have one happy baby!

Then we headed out all together to the woods for a little walk.

The mummies and their girls:

The daddies and their girls: