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Even though this little lady and I had met before, it was a long time ago when she was under a year. Last time I saw her, her hair was a lot shorter and darker. The little girl here looked like a little angel. Beautiful. I also know that she is very good friends with another of my supermodels and I guess that when they are together they probably look like angelic sisters.

There was a little bit of shyness, but within a small amount of time I think I proved myself to be safe and fun and friendly. Result!

I had so many amazing photos to choose from for this. The location we were at was an amazing little villa that is a middle school. It was just gorgeous round there. So much so that after our shoot I stayed to knit in the field next to the school with my friend that was visiting. Idylic.

So, here we go… What a location huh:

Warming up together with a bit of hide and seek/chase!

Isn’t she adorable:

Love the scrunchy nose..

And a fun fish-eye one to end the session on a high!

Thanks for a lovely afternoon, it was great to see you all again.

Shoot 1 in Zurich, a family that I saw a couple of years ago when this little girl didn’t have these gorgeous curls. This time we met up in the center of Zurich – on a day when the center of town was closed off to cars!! We managed to meet up and to warm the kids up a little. Here I tried to get them to just stand side by side and hold hands. Clearly they had a completely different idea! I love spirited kids, even if they do make my job a teensy bit more tricksy:

Cheeky little racer:

Best friends:

Gorgeous curls and eyes:

Then at the very end of our shoot the kids started playing around the tree together and I couldn’t help but get this shot:

Super cute. These siblings just love playing with each other. Suss!

I realised just before this shoot that most of my clients these days seem to be repeat clients and it’s just like hanging out with friends for a couple of hours and having a camera play date. This family is a new family to me and it was just as easy and relaxed. We were at Wenken Park in the very bright sunshine. Our little lady was in top form and was wearing an outfit that totally matched the space where we headed to first. I’d like to say that we planned that in advance, but it was just super great luck and good styling from mom.

Here is the start of our little shoot:

What a stunner. That will be easy to see where it comes from when you see mommy:

We had a bit of a play in and round the park, climbed a tree, petted soem dogs and they mostly laughed at me doing my famous monkey impression! Then we settled down for a bit of picnic blanket time:

Playing with mommy and daddy:

Then, as usual with little ones of this age – she decided when enough was enough. Snuggles with daddy after a pretty excellent photoshoot. Well done!

This gorgeous little girl has been in front of my camera many times. She’s one of my pro’s! Mum is super organised and always brings a good range of outfits – this time was no exception. This little miss does remind me a lot of my own little girl, they are around the same age, both have dark features and are both super cheeky and cute. Adorable.

We had our shoot this time at the Beyler Museum gardens in Riehen. It was a really bright, high-contrast day that started pretty cold and fairly quickly warmed up. Dad had to pop back home to get starbunny – the favourite cuddly companion. In the meantime we started taking some photos, including a lovely bright tutu skirt:

Mostly, we had parked ourselves at the base of this giant shrub shaped like a pig which had a tonne of pretty flowers on it. Here is the look daddy got as he arrived with Starbunny:

On arriving Starbunny quickly pointed out to us that we had perhaps already been a bit too naughty!

Happy to see daddy and have Starbunny back:

Watching mummy and daddy having a hug:

Can you spot Starbunny?? He can fly!!!!

Until next year! I’m already looking forward to it.